Women of Weatherization Recap- #WomenOfWAP

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) has been around for over 40 years and has served over 7.4 million households, saving families money and making their homes healthier and safer. From the very beginning of the WAP’s history, women have been a driving force in weatherization. This post compiles our month long campaign highlighting the work of all of the #WomenOfWAP.

Women Of WAP Post #1

Rukia Streeter- Weatherization Specialist, Illinois

Brenda Ilg- LIEAP/WAP Program Manager, Wyoming

Ruth Torres- Residential Building Analyst Supervisor, New Jersey

Combined rukia ruth

Women Of WAP Post #2

Karen A. Hulette– Energy Director, Massachusetts

Maria Williams– Housing Rehabilitation Technician, Texas

Stacie Bagnasco– Assessor, California

combined staciekaren

Women of WAP Post #3

Judith Darst- Commerce Specialist, Washington

Patty Bailey- Director of Healthy Homes, California

Mayra Rivero- Weatherization Manager, Texas

judy mayra


Women of WAP Post #4

Tamela Owen– Housing Services Director, Tri-County Community Action,Virginia

Amanda Hatherly- Director, EnergySmart Academy, New Mexico

Arleen Novotney- Executive Director, ACCES, California

Amanda Hatherly

Women of WAP Post #5

Maria E. Ruiz- Environmental Services Assessor, California

Lillian Weston- Energy Auditor, Virginia 

Cheryl Shattenbergy-Plassmann- Energy Auditor, Maine


Maria cheryl

Women of WAP Post #6

Denise Chudy, Energy Auditor, Arkansas

Ashley Zavala, Weatherization Outreach Specialist, California

Jamie Linzey,Weatherization Program Director, New York

denise jamie


Women of WAP Post #7

Lisa Pena– Crew Leader, Wyoming Weatherization Services, Wyoming

Suzanne Harmelink– Senior Manager, WECC, Wisconsin

Teresa Diaz– Program Manager, MAAC, California

lisa pic


Women of WAP Post #8

Mimi Burbage, Energy Programs Weatherization Manager, Alaska

Stacey L Oswald, Home Energy Auditor, Iowa

Veronica Alvarez, Permit Specialist, California

mimi stacey


Women of WAP Post #9

Amy Bryant– Weatherization Director, Arkansas

Angelina Soper– Home & Energy Director, California

Jackie A. Peyton– Weatherization Coordinator, Georgia

 Amanda McQueen, Intake Worker, California


post 9

Women of WAP Post #10

Sally Andreatta, Director of Energy and Environmental Services, California

Alena Gronewold, Wx Administrative Assistant, Wyoming

Marla Tombleson, Grant Administrator, Alaska

Bonus feature! – Message from Lisa Kesecker, West Virginia


Post 10



Women of WAP Post #11

Abby Kemp- Utility Programs Manager, Virginia

Jean Marie Warren– Program Manager, California

Delores Holloway- Project Manager, North Carolina

Syreeta Morrisey- Interim Project Director, North Carolina

Post 11


Women of WAP Post #12

Jenifer McCoy- Energy Auditor, Virginia

Terry Meissner– Weatherization Manager, Texas

Michele Kinsinger- Administrative Assistant, Wyoming

Sonya D. Oates- Program Specialist, North Carolina

post 12


Women of WAP Post #13

Christie J. Martinez– Weatherization Manager, Texas

Linda Pyrtle– SR. Energy Auditor, Maine

Anna Russell– Weatherization Admin Support Staff, California

Jennifer Saenz- Program Assistant, California

Lynda J. Timbers- Executive Director, California



Women of WAP- Jean Diggs

Jean Diggs is a long-time leader in the WAP network and the namesake of the NASCSP Jean Diggs WAP Champion Award.

jean diggs.jpg