Celebrating Women in Weatherization - Danielle Safford

Danielle Safford – Weatherization Program Coordinator, Oregon

How did you first get interested and involved in weatherization?

  • My brother-in-law was an HVAC contractor working for a local community action agency and shared that they had some openings for weatherization technicians.

Tell us about your current and past roles in weatherization.

  • I worked as an installer for a few years and moved into a crew lead position for another few years at a local community action agency in central Vermont. From there I applied and was hired at the state level to become monitor in Vermont. A few years later I relocated to my home state of Oregon where I started auditing/inspecting at a Community Action Agency there. A state position for monitoring became available and having experience I applied and started monitoring the seventeen agencies providing services in Oregon. A few years later The State Coordinator position became available, and I was hired to the seat that I currently sit in. I feel very fortunate for my Vermont weatherization roots and all of the amazing folks in Oregon I have met along the way that have empowered me along my journey in Weatherization.

What is it like being a woman in weatherization? Advantages? Challenges?

  • I can speak to this on so many levels depending on which hat you might be wearing in Weatherization. I attempt to be a role model for anyone interested in joining this wonderful work and advocate regularly to anyone who would like to hear about it.

Why do you work in weatherization? What about your job makes you excited to go to work in the morning?

  • I joined the USN? out of high school and after starting a family found a career that provided training and advancement opportunities all while helping folks that needed it. I love the daily challenges and the opportunities that have come my way because of weatherization.

Do you have advice for other women interested in joining the weatherization field.

  • This field caters to positive environmental impacts, science & technology, as well as social services and provides career opportunities to anyone interested no matter what your interest may be. Remove the word ‘can’t’ from your vocabulary and you will surprise yourself with what you can do.