December 9, 2013....Will It Go Down In Weatherization History As The Day That Changed The Future?

December 12, 2013

--By Rae Tamblyn, Research Assistant -- "Weatherization Drives New Technology and the Home Performance Industry," hosted by NASCSP, brought a full house of movers and shakers to the White House to demonstrate WAP’s technical innovations, leadership in the home performance industry, and role as a go-to partner for utility and other partnership projects. Brad Penney, on behalf of NASCSP, opened


Legislative Update: Initial Comments on Limited Budget Agreement

December 11, 2013

-- By Brad Penney, General Counsel --  As many of you have seen reported in the media, the Congressional budget negotiators have reached a limited agreement to partially repeal sequestration and fund the government through FY 2015. While this is the first budget deal in three years, it still must be approved by the full Congress.  Since the limited agreement does not deal with entitlements,


2013 CSBG Annual Report Featured in Community Action Partnership's "The Promise" Magazine

December 6, 2013

Did you catch NASCSP’s article on the 2013 CSBG Annual Report in the latest edition of the Community Action Partnership’s The Promise magazine? Check it out below!  The CSBG 2013 Annual Report is Here!  By Rae Tamblyn And just in time too! All over the country, there’s unprecedented need as the recession wreaks havoc on vulnerable communities. Local Community Action Agencies know this

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Hamilton Project Paper Release Leads to Spirited Discussion on Tax Code Reform

December 4, 2013

-- By Rae Tamblyn, Research Assistant -- Coffee in hand and Twitter open on my phone, I sat down to listen to former Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin open the Hamilton Project’s newest release of working papers. As he prepared to turn the discussion to Melissa Kearney and Lesley Turner of the University of Maryland on their working paper proposing tax reforms, he concluded by noting there is “a

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Weatherization Day Recap

November 12, 2013

Another successful Weatherization Day has come and gone. This year, 18 different Grantees held events or public information sessions, including ten Mayoral and Governor's Proclamations from places as diverse as North Carolina, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and New Hampshire. A list of Weatherization Day events, news clips, invitations, and proclamations can be found on

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