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Racial Equity Work Group (REWG) Charter

NASCSP Racial Equity Group Charter 2021

REWG Meeting Notes

2021 NASCSP Annual Training Conference Racial Equity Sessions

Let’s Talk About Race: The History of Systemic Racism in America | September 21, 2021

Whether you are talking about education, health, wealth building, politics, or mass incarceration and the criminal justice system, systemic racism has led to widespread disparities for communities of color. This session will explore and shed light on the prevailing, residual effects of systemic racism in America and offer insight on how to combat it.

The Intersectionality of Healing and Hurting | September 20, 2021

Have you ever had “one of those days?” There are times in this thing called “life” where dealing with all the responsibilities of adulting – going to work, paying bills, taking care of our families, and interacting with friends – can feel overwhelmingly burdensome. Layer that with the mental and physical stress of navigating a global pandemic and heightening racial tensions across the nation, and we are bound to feel socially and emotionally drained. Join us for motivational session on maintaining self-care while dealing with trauma.

REWG Statement Committee

This committee was formed to develop NASCSP’s statement on racial equity.

Committee Members: Jenae Bjelland, Paige Milson, Troy Cucchiara, Khari Grant, Amanda Rains, Leslie Taylor, and Matt Fitzgerald

REWG Webinar Committee

This committee was formed to develop resources and select speakers for NASCSP’s webinars on racial equity.

Committee Members: Jonathan Ballew, Muska Kamran, Angela Fraser, Karen Keith, Beverly Buchana, Lynette Praster, and Stephanie Insinna-Sahondo