Lead is a poison, most dangerous in the form of dust and fumes. The primary concern for weatherization workers and clients is the use of lead in paints and varnishes. Lead paint can be found on any painted surface inside or outside the home. Lead paint safe work may be charged as a weatherization activity.
Incidence of Lead Paint in Single-family Homes: Any home built before 1978 may contain lead paint. After 1940, paint manufacturers voluntarily began to reduce the amount of lead they added to their consumer paints. As a result, painted surfaces in homes built before 1940 are likely to have higher levels of lead than homes built between 1940 and 1978.
Mobile Homes: Lead paint was not used in the manufacture of mobile homes, but may be found in varnishes and stains in mobile homes remodeled before 1978.
Lead Safe Weatherization: A Training and Reference Manual for Weatherization Managers and Crews is available from the Montana Weatherization Training Center. To obtain a copy of the manual, contact Mike Vogel at mvogel@montana.edu.
View a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Lead Safe Weatherization.
EHC no longer operates the National Lead Information Hotline and Clearinghouse. The new provider of those services may be reached by calling (800) 424-LEAD or by completing this form.
Pollution Occurrence Insurance: The Weatherization Assistance Program requires that all local agencies carry adequate liability insurance to cover their weatherization related activities.

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