General asbestos removal is not an approved health and safety weatherization cost. Refer major asbestos problems to the appropriate state agency and/or the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, limited asbestos removal or remediation is allowed when implementing an energy-saving weatherization measure.

When local agencies work on large heating and distribution systems (including piping), asbestos removal or encapsulation may be necessary:

  • Removal is allowed when the measure will provide a cost-effective savings-to-investment ratio, normally true of large, multifamily heating systems.
  • Removal and replacement of asbestos siding for purposes of wall cavity insulation is permissible if allowed by state and local codes.
  • When permitted by code or EPA regulations, less costly measures that fall short of asbestos removal, such as encapsulation, may be used.
On May 21, 2003, the federal government launched a national consumer awareness campaign to provide homeowners with important information on vermiculite attic insulation, which may contain asbestos. This campaign, coordinated by EPA and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), instructs homeowners on how to identify vermiculite attic insulation and recommends that people make every effort to not disturb it. See the Asbestos Resources below for more information form EPA on vermicular and how it might impact weatherization practices.

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