Health & Safety Resources

In August of 2017, DOE released updated Health and Safety guidance for the WAP through WPN 17-7. The purpose of the guidance is to clarify, update and provide additional information related to the implementation and installation of health and safety (H&S) measures as part of the WAP. This guidance also provides required components for Grantees to include in their Health and Safety Plans. WPN 17-7 and attachments supersede the following:

  • WPN 11-6a, Supplemental Health and Safety Guidance
  • WPNs 11-6, Health and Safety Guidance
  • WPN 09-6, Lead Safe Weatherization (LSW) Additional Materials and Information
  • WPN 08-6, Interim Lead-Safe Weatherization Guidance
  • WPN 08-4, Space Heater Policy
  • WPNs 02-6, Weatherization Activities and Federal Lead-Based Paint Regulations
  • WPN 02-5, Health and Safety Guidance


DOE Health and Safety Guidance

DOE Health and Safety Resources

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