Health and Safety FAQs

In conjunction with the release of updated Health & Safety guidance 17-7, DOE also compiled a Frequently Asked Questions Document.

The answers contained within may vary for Subgrantees due to requirements set by the Grantee’s Health and Safety Plan. Be sure to consult your DOE-approved Health and Safety Plan for specific direction that is applicable for your state, territory, or tribe.

Grantees should contact their respective Project Officer if a question is not answered below or if additional clarification around health and safety is needed.

● “Grantee” refers to the state, tribe, or territory who directly receives WAP funds.
● “Subgrantee” refers to the local agency implementing the WAP
● “Program” refers to all of the activity being conducted under the Grantee for the DOE WAP.

If there are questions not listed that you would like to see answered, or are there clarifications that you feel need to be included, please submit your inquiry to  for review.