Federal WAP Regulations & Statutes


WAP Enabling Legislation

  • This link to the US Code (42 USC Sec. 6861) provides the enabling legislation and current statute for the Weatherization Assistance Program.

WAP Reauthorization Legislation

  • This link to the Reauthorization & Appropriations Bill passed in December, 2020 has not yet been updated in the Federal Code above and includes more up-to-date policy on the program.

10 CFR 440

  • 10 CFR 440 within the Code of Federal Regulations covers interpretation and insight on programmatic topics relating to WAP, including: Purpose, scope, definitions, allocation formula, minimum requirements, oversight, training, and reports.

2 CFR 200

  • 2 CFR 200 contains the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards. This addresses most financial matters related to WAP.

Appendix A – Standards for Weatherization Materials

  • Appendix A served as the original list of approved materials for the WAP

LIHEAP Enabling Legislation

  • This link to the LIHEAP clearinghouse provides access to the statutes covering LIHEAP

45 CFR 96.83

  • This section of the Code of Federal Regulations covers the procedure for submitting a waiver to transfer above 15% of LIHEAP funds into WAP