Field Standards and Guides
The guides and tools in this section are provided to assist in integrating field standards in your local weatherization program.

Midwest Weatherization Best Practices

  • Chapter 1: Introduction, Table of Contents, Blower Door Testing, Zone Pressure Diagnostics, Duct Leakage, Duct-Induced Pressures, Furnaces and Boilers
  • Chapter 2: Water Heaters, Worst-Case Draft Testing, Gas Range Testing, Health & Safety, Air Sealing, Attic Insulation
  • Chapter 3: Sidewall Insulation, Foundation Insulation, Window Measures, Door Measures, Clean & Tune Gas and Oil Fired Boilers and Furnaces, Heating System Retrofits, Heating System Replacements
  • Chapter 4: Water Heaters, Masonry-Chimney Liners, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners, Duct Improvements, Baseload, Health & Safety, Mobile Homes
  • Chapter 5: Appendix, Client Documents, Final Inspection Tests