Weatherization Assistant

The Weatherization Assistant is a suite of four audit tools developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to specifically help states and local weatherization agencies implement the US Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program:

  • National Energy Audit Tool (NEAT) for site-built, single-family homes;
  • Manufactured Home Energy Audit (MHEA) for mobile homes;
  • Multifamily Tool for Energy Audits (MulTEA) for multifamily buildings;
  • Health and Safety Audit for single-family homes (including mobile homes) and individual dwelling units in low-rise multifamily buildings that are being weatherized.

You can download the Weatherization Assistant from Oak Ridge National Lab here.

Training and Support

Training and support on the Weatherization Assistant is available free to states and local weatherization agencies implementing the DOE Weatherization Assistance Program.