Weatherization Day 2019 Recap

For many, October means changing leaves and carving pumpkins. For the WAP network, October is also Weatherization Month, culminating in Weatherization Day on October 30th. Weatherization Day highlights the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). WAP serves every county in every state in the nation, providing critical energy efficiency investments for income qualified households. Weatherization measures like insulation, air sealing, new HVAC systems, and more help lower families’ monthly energy bills, while making their homes healthier and safer.

In October and November, states and local WAP agencies highlighted their program through various events, activities, and awareness campaigns. This includes several governors issuing Weatherization Day proclamations, appearances by WAP staff on local media, and site demonstrations at homes being weatherized. A listing of all 2019 Weatherization Day activities is still being compiled and will be posted here. Check out the examples below for a snapshot from Weatherization Day 2019:



The governors of Kansas, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, Virginia – just to name a few – issued official Weatherization Day Proclamations!

Site Demonstrations

In Idaho, South Central Community Action Partnership hosted a demonstration at a home being weatherized that was attended by Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID). The demonstration was followed by a luncheon that featured community organizations, utility partners, and a presentation by a WAP client.
In Wisconsin, State officials and staff from local WAP agency CAP Services Inc. gathered at the home of a weatherization client to see the work that was performed and to issue the official Weatherization Day proclamation on behalf of the governor.

Other Events

The Virginia WAP held an event at the state capitol in Richmond to celebrate weatherization day and raise awareness of the WAP in Virginia. A representative from the governor’s office also issued a Weatherization Day Proclamation.
The District of Columbia WAP held an event that brought together many community partners to educate the community about weatherization, solar programs, LIHEAP, and other energy services.

News Media

In Joplin, Missouri, the op-ed of the local weatherization agency Economic Security Council was featured in the local news. Weatherization agencies were also featured in the media in Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Washington, and more.