Quality Control Inspector 2.0

The lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations in this curriculum are provided in two formats – in their original Word and PowerPoint formats and again as PDF files. The Word and PowerPoint formats give those who use the curriculum the ability to edit the lesson plans and presentations (text, activities, photos, etc.), while also allowing trainers to incorporate those items into other training materials and curriculum. The PDF versions convey the intended format of both the lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations. The PDF versions are ideal to be printed as handouts for students. The Word documents may not print out correctly depending on the type of printer you use or the print settings you’ve established.

How to use the curriculum


Master Bibliography

The updated modules include a Master Bibliography showing which videos, articles, online games and other resources go with each chapter of the curricula, as well as which JTA each chapter is covering. We’ve collected all the publicly available resources here and marked them with a * in the Master Bibliography.

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Complete Lesson Plan Files
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Additional activities and exercises to address the “soft skills” in the JTAs

Quality Control Inspector: Different Programs, Different Responsibilities. A Guide to the JTA Soft Skills.
The correct responses to different situations often depends on your role as a Quality Control Inspector. If you are an agency employee with an on-staff crew, you may react to field discoveries differently than if you are a 3rd party inspector hired on contract. The attached resource provides a brief overview of different roles and responsibilities, including a sample test question illustrating how your role can change the correct answer – NEW!

Individual Components

  1. Report Writing
    Lesson Plan: Report Writing
    Power Point: Report Writing