New CSBG Annual Report Tools and Resources

We are thrilled to announce the release of several new tools related to the CSBG Annual Report! Below is a recap of the latest resources. These items were reviewed with significant input from the national partners (CAP, NCAF, and CAPLAW), the DATA Taskforce, OCS, and feedback from NASCSP trainings across the country.  Additionally, NASCSP recently hosted a webinar about the CSBG Annual Report which can be viewed here.

  • List of Other NPIs
    • This is a list of common indicators that the CSBG network identified as missing from the Annual Report. NASCSP reviewed hundreds of indicators from the network and with the help of the CSBG DATA Task Force, narrowed them down to the most common indicators not already found in the Annual Report.
  • CSBG Lexicon 
    • This is a dictionary for terms used in relation to CSBG and the Annual Report.
  • Module 3 Review Checklist
    • The Community Initiative Status Form (CIS) is the entry form for Community Action Agencies (CAAs) reporting community-level work in Module 3 of the CSBG Annual Report. This review checklist document was developed to assist CSBG State Offices in reviewing the CIS and thus all Module 3 reporting.
  • Module 3 SmartForms
    • These have been provided directly to State CSBG Offices. State Offices will provide these to local agencies. NASCSP and OCS will be holding a webinar to review the new CSBG SmartForms for Modules 2, 3, and 4 of the Annual Report on Wednesday February 6th. Register for that webinar here.

We thank all these groups for taking the time to provide comments and edits to these tools. If you have a question or suggested edit for these documents, you can submit it here.

Please use these tools to guide your data collection as we begin the first reporting period of the CSBG Annual Report. For more webinars, templates, an updated FAQ, and other tools to assist with data collection and reporting, visit our website.

Please contact Katy Kujawski ( with any questions.