Annual Report

The Office of Community Services (OCS) received OMB approval  for a new CSBG Annual Report on January 12, 2017. Additional information about the implementation of the  CSBG Annual Report is detailed in  IM 152 CSBG Annual Report , released by OCS on January 20, 2017. The new CSBG Annual Report will eventually replace the CSBG IS Survey. The new report will be implemented through a phased-in approach over two years.  OCS released  Action Transmittal 2017-01 on the Submission of Module 1 of the CSBG Annual Report for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 . This Action Transmittal provided a one time extension for submitting Module 1 in OLDC from March 31, 2017 to April 7, 2017. The due date for submission of the CSBG IS to NASCSP was also extended to  April  7, 2017.




April 7, 2017 Submission Date: States are required to submit Module 1 of the new CSBG Annual Report in OLDC and complete Sections E-G and
the NPIs in the CSBG IS.

March 31, 2018 Submission Date: States are required to submit Module 1 of the new CSBG Annual Report in OLDC and complete Sections E-G and the NPIs in the CSBG IS.

March 31, 2019 Submission Date: States are required to submit Module 1-4 of the new CSBG Annual Report in OLDC and will no longer report in the CSBG IS.

The CSBG Annual Report is organized into four Modules. For Module specific tools, check out the  Module 1 , Module 2, Module 3 and Module 4 Pages.


Final Annual Report– This is the PDF version of the full CSBG Report that was cleared by OMB in January 2017.

Final Annual Report- Excel Versions:

Full Annual Report Numbering System– This Excel document contains the full numbering system for Module 1 through Module 4 of the Annual Report. This numbering scheme will allow the network to more easily communicate each data point in the Annual Report and will assist developers with building systems.

CSBG Reporting Timelines for States and local CSBG Eligible Entities  – This chart shows the timeline for reporting on the CSBG Annual Report. Click here to  see your State?s CSBG Reporting Period.

State Reporting Periods for FY18  – Modules 2-4 are based on the State’s CSBG Reporting Period and reporting starts in FY18. Check out this chart to see your State’s Reporting Period.

CSBG Annual Report 1-Pager – This 1-pager provides key information on the what, why, and when of the CSBG Annual Report.


High Level CSBG Annual Report/CSBG IS Survey Crosswalk – Use this quick reference tool to identify how the CSBG Annual Report and CSBG IS Survey overlap!

CSBG IS-CSBG Annual Report Quick Reference Crosswalk – Use this tool for a deeper look the CSBG Annual Report and CSBG IS Survey overlap.

Annotated CSBG Annual Report – This detailed document provides line by line notations on which CSBG IS NPIs and Sections are included, expanded upon, or used to inform the CSBG Annual Report.  CSBG IS/CSBG Annual Report Crosswalk  – Starting to map out how you will transition from the CSBG IS to the CSBG Annual Report? This detailed crosswalk starts with the NPIs in the CSBG IS Survey and identifies similar indicators in the CSBG Annual Report.

CSBG Annual Report/CSBG IS Survey/Organizational Standards Crosswalk – This tool crosswalks elements of the CSBG Annual Report, CSBG IS Survey and the Organizational Standards.

Organizational Standards/ROMA Principles Crosswalk – This tool lists the Organizations Standards that correspond to each phase of the ROMA cycle.

LIHEAP/HS/WIOA/WAP Crosswalk– The LIHEAP/WIOA/WAP/HS crosswalk is a technical assistance tool for the CSBG network to use when considering where or how to report indicators, services, or strategies for these four specific federal programs in the new CSBG Annual Report. It is understood that not all agencies have the same data collection and reporting capabilities and that there is discretion in selecting indicators to report for the CSBG network. As such, this crosswalk is a suggestion of where to report these programs. It is also understood that not only these programs can be reported in any of the listed indicators and that other programs may use the same indicators. Agencies should work with their state offices to answer specific reporting questions and should check with their state office before deciding where or where not to report specific programs.

Webinars and Presentations:

ROMA Next Generation and CSBG Annual Report Webinar, June 30, 2017

 NASCSP, CAP, and OCS provide an overview of ROMA Next Generation and the CSBG Annual Report. ROMA Next Generation, including the National Theory of Change, and an overview of each of the Modules in the CSBG Annual Report will be discussed. This overview will help lay a foundation before jumping into the more specific module-based webinars.

ROMA NG/CSBG Annual Report Update PowerPoint – This PowerPoint was presented at the ROMA ICEP in Dallas, TX on April 18, 2017. This presentation provides an overview of the current status of the CSBG Annual Report, process for implementation, and current tools and resources.