Happy Community Action Month from NASCSP!

May 1st marks the beginning of Community Action Month! This month is a time for the CSBG network to highlight the impact that Community Action has across our country! The goal is to show policymakers, partners, and the public how CSBG helps individuals, families, & communities achieve economic security and reach their full potential. This year, Community Action month will also shine a light on how CSBG responds to a public health crisis. From energy assistance to emergency food, CAAs have been on the front lines responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, many CAAs have innovated, using technology and other creative methods to continue delivering services while protecting public health.

This May, NASCSP will be engaging the CSBG network in several different ways for Community Action Month:

    • State Spotlight Blogs– These blog posts will highlight the critical role of States in CSBG. We will be featuring state best practices, innovative state initiatives, compelling client stories, and more! Check out Spotlight posts from past years, such as this one about trauma informed approach in Delaware and another about the response to California wildfires. Consult these guidelines as well as this template to help you put together your blog. NASCSP will help you write and polish the story. Email Eric Behna for assistance and to submit your blog!
    • Resources to Increase Awareness of CSBG within State Government- It is important that state leaders from the governor’s office to the legislature understand the impact of CSBG. There is no better time to educate than Community Action Month! From policy briefs, to issue explainers, and more, we will be providing resources to help increase awareness all month long.
    • Data, Fact Sheets, and Infographics– NASCSP has many existing resources to help you use your CSBG data to shine a light on Community Action. This folder of infographics and this toolkit from our friends at the Community Action Partnership are great resources. You can also check out your State Fact Sheet on our website here  – updated data coming soon!
    • My Community Action Story Videos- During Community Action month, we are encouraging state and local members of the network to share their Community Action stories via a short 1-2 minute video. How did you first get started in Community Action? What does Community Action mean to you? What advice do you have for someone first starting out? Submit them via this form and we will share them on social media.

Thank you for helping NASCSP elevate and highlight the impact of CSBG during May. Stay tuned all month long and happy Community Action Month!