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Wx Plus Health logoThe Weatherization Plus Health website, WxPlusHealth.org, boasts a user-friendly, bright design and valuable resources and tools about health, safety, and energy-efficiency issues. This is the first comprehensive compilation of Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and Healthy Homes resources, including information about providers; service territories; training events and centers; client education materials, collaborative strategies; network news; best practices; and technical expertise.

WxPlusHealth.org Homepage
WxPlusHealth.org Homepage

WxPlusHealth.org Overview

  • State-of-the-art, interactive mapping tools powered by Microsoft BING maps to explore Healthy Homes and WAP providers within any specified area in the nation. The mapping tools display information about demographics and providers.
  • Resources and strategies to find and connect to potential partners
  • Training tools to discover state, regional, and national trainings or request customized trainings on Weatherization Plus Health

WxPlusHealth.org Features


Training is essential to the Weatherization Plus Health approach. The website features tools to:

  • Discover state, regional, and national trainings
  • Submit a training on the WxPlusHealth.org calendar
  • Request customized trainings on Weatherization Plus Health


WxPlusHealth.org resources include a compilation of publications, tools, and strategies to strengthen existing Weatherization Plus Health partnerships and facilitate new ones. These include:

  • Asset mapping resources to locate partners
  • Storytelling guides to tell the public about your success stories
  • Client education resources
  • Integrated WAP and Healthy Homes assessment tools for home energy-efficiency and safety auditing
  • Links to Healthy Homes listservs and national and Federal Partners websites

Find a Provider 

Find a Provider Mapping Tool
Find a Provider Mapping Tool                                                                                         

Find a Provider allows users to find partners in their communities that may be able to assist low-income families with health, safety, and/or energy efficiency needs. The first phase of the mapping tool will locate:

  • Weatherization Agencies
  • Community Action Agencies
  • Community Services Block Grant and WAP State Contacts
  • Asthma, Lead, and Radon Grantees
  • Healthy Homes and WAP Training Providers

Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, Community Development Organizations, and Public Housing Authorities will be integrated into the application in the second phase of the mapping tool.

GeoExplorer Mapping Tool
GeoExplorer Mapping Tool


Users can access the GeoExplorer mapping tool to layer demographic or environmental data over political boundaries to visually depict gaps in services. It also allows providers to determine what specific locations in their service areas have the most need based on a wealth of collected data. Key data layers include:

Demographic data layers include:

  • Percent of housing built pre-1979
  • Percent of population under five years old
  • Percent of population under 65 years old
  • Percent of population whose income falls below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

Environmental data layers include:

  • Radon Zones
  • Climate Zones

Political boundaries include:

  • Counties
  • Congressional Districts
  • Census Block

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The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Weatherization Plus Health initiative is a national effort to comprehensively and strategically coordinate resources to improve the energy efficiency, health, and safety of low-income homes. The National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) is implementing the project on behalf of DOE. Weatherization Plus Health will ensure energy efficient and healthy indoor environments by facilitating the establishment of strong, effective partnerships between DOE’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and healthy homes providers.