Week 4 Mini #BeCommunityAction Toolkit

Hello! It’s the fourth and final week of Community Action Month!

In addition to the great resources available from the PartnershipNASCSP and NCAF, we continue to collaborate and build mini-toolkits to help you get started with original content each week! Don’t forget to check out our Storify for a recap of Weeks One, Two and Three, and this Storify from the Partnership too! Once again, we’ve provided sample Tweets and Facebook posts below, as well as some images for you to use. Let’s keep the great momentum going and showcase what it means to #BeCommunityAction!

POST and GO: Twitter

#CommunityAction helps build social capital to move low income people towards self-sufficiency #TalkPoverty #BeCommunityAction

#CommunityAction fights poverty on a family, agency, and community level #ROMANG #BeCommunityAction

#CommunityAction fosters creative problem-solving that generates unique solutions for each community #BeCommunityAction

#CommunityAction builds community partnerships to maximize the impact of the effort to end poverty #BeCommunityAction

#CommunityAction strengthens families with supportive services & builds resilience to overcome poverty #BeCommunityAction

#CommunityAction engages the whole community to make lasting sustainable change #TalkPoverty #BeCommunityAction

More than 25 million volunteer hours are donated by low income residents to CAAs #TalkPoverty #BeCommunityAction [image below]

Thank you to the countless individuals who exemplify what it means to #BeCommunityAction We are in this together!


Post and Go: Facebook

People with low-incomes face a great many challenges to overcome on their way to initial or continuous employment. Community action agencies across the nation work with their communities and their clients to ensure that eager employees have access to services and programs that help them overcome these challenges. By gaining access to skills training, education, quality childcare, reliable transportation, safe and secure housing, and utility assistance, job-seekers are able to overcome these barriers to climbing the ladders of opportunity available to them http://bit.ly/1FqDfJV #BeCommunityAction [image below]


 Fill in the Blanks: Twitter

*remember, you only have 140 characters, counting spaces!

#CommunityAction offers ________, ____________, and ______ to our community to help promote self-sufficiency. #TalkPoverty

[NPI 1.3 data] Low-income families in [agency] CAA tax preparation programs qualified for tax credits to build assets #beCommunityAction

#CommunityAction engages & empowers ____ low income residents to serve & represent their community #BeCommunityAction #TripartiteBoard

#CommunityAction engages the whole community to make substantial, sustainable change #TalkPoverty #BeCommunityAction

[agency] partners with [____] organizations to promote family & community change and ensure access to services #BeCommunityAction

[NPI 1.3 data] Low-income families began small businesses with accumulated savings as a result of [agency] programs #beCommunityAction

[@YOUR_REPRESENTATIVE], #CSBG is critical to our ability to serve [YOUR AREA]. #HR1655 reauthorizes http://bit.ly/1EBH7HE #BeCommunityAction

[agency]  [are/is] committed to showcasing innovative programs to make our anti-#poverty movement stronger! #BeCommunityAction

Fill in the Blanks: Facebook 

[Agency] celebrated what is means to #BeCommunityAction all month long! Here are some of the highlights: [highlight events, staff, publications, social media activity]   (total post, around 100-150 words)

[Agency] knows the importance of nurturing early childhood development and the lasting impact it has on a child, family, and community. We support our community’s children and families by [program/service]   (total post, around 100-150 words)


Created by Rae Tamblyn (NASCSP), Natalie Kramer (Community Action Partnership), and Amy Kalmbach (NCAF), in collaboration.