Week 2 Mini #BeCommunityAction Toolkit

Hello! It’s the second week of Community Action Month!

In addition to the great resources available from the Partnership, NASCSP and NCAF, we’ve collaborated to build mini-toolkits to help you get started with original content each week! We’ve provided sample Tweets and Facebook posts below, as well as some images for you to use.  Some of these are ready to go – just cut, paste, and post! Others we’ve built to provide a framework that’s just waiting for your data and customized information. Let’s really highlight what it means to #BeCommunityAction! Here’s to a great week 2! (Don’t forget to check out the conversation from Week 1 here and see what your peers are saying and doing for Community Action Month!)

POST and GO: Twitter

#CommunityAction helps clients earn #EITC tax credits, increase #assets, pay for #HigherEd, & reduce financial strain #beCommunityAction

#CommunityAction works with parents & children to address #2gen poverty #BeCommunityAction

Part of what it means to #BeCommunityAction is working within our communities to create opportunities for low-income to help themselves

#BeCommunityAction means committing to creating, coordinating, & delivering a broad array of programs & services to communities #TalkPoverty

#BeCommunityAction is results driven: local need determines services that enable low-income individuals to achieve long-term changes

#CommunityAction Agencies break down barriers to support low-income families and individuals when they need it the most

Part of what it means to ‪#‎BeCommunityAction is to invest in staff capacity to meet community needs! #orgStandards

We exemplify what it means to #BeCommunityAction thru dedicated staff & innovative, results-driven services based on community need

nationwide, #communityaction provides support to vulnerable populations  #BeCommunityAction [insert image, or add your own data!]Vulnerable Populations served by CSBG Network in FY13

#CommunityAction works to help low-income ppl become more self-sufficient! interactive infographic #BeCommunityAction http://ow.ly/MFxwv [insert graphic below, use this interactive hyperlink, or add your own data!] FY13 NPI 11 data_F

POST and GO: Facebook

This antipoverty network of over 1,000 state-managed local agencies remains committed to ensuring economic security for vulnerable populations and creating employment opportunities for low-wage workers. The coordinated services provided by CSBG go beyond short-term interventions and strengthen long term economic security for individuals, communities, and the nation. Every dollar invested in CSBG leveraged over $20 of other federal, state, local, and private funds. That statistic doesn’t even include the significant increase in benefits and wages, tax revenue, and avoided costs to other federal safety net services as a result of improved economic opportunity. #BeCommunityAction remains committed to the strength and value of CSBG and #CommunityAction as the national anti-poverty strategy that coordinates local, state, and federal efforts to secure a promising future for our nation.

#CommunityAction exemplifies a results-driven approach that allows communities to build thriving economies using environmentally healthy and economically sustainable solutions. CSBG funding gives local agencies the tools and flexibility to put their money towards the most pressing local needs to address today’s economic concerns, to provide services to low-income individuals, and to create a better future for struggling Americans and vulnerable communities. #BeCommunityAction


*remember, you have 140 characters – counting spaces!

The #CSBG Network provides services to reduce & eliminate barriers to initial or continuous employment for over ____ ppl #BeCommunityAction

The #CSBG Network provides services that enabled over ____ ppl to find a job #BeCommunityAction

We are proud to work with over ____ local & state partners to ensure our communities have access to services they need #BeCommunityAction

By funding locally driven initiatives, #CSBG programs serve all members of the community  #beCommunityAction

#beCommunityAction means that local agencies, states, & partners collaborate in [county] to provide support for ____ low-income [people/families]

[agency]’s anti-#poverty mission means we have a strategy to address immediate & long term needs & build opportunities in the community.

[@YOUR_MEMBER], #HR1655 reauthorizes #CSBG, which helps our agency serve [YOUR COUNTY/ AREA]. http://bit.ly/1EBH7HE #BeCommunityAction

[@YOUR_MEMBER], we rely on CSBG! Click the link to learn about #HR1655 re-authorization bill http://bit.ly/1EBH7HE #BeCommunityAction


By funding locally driven initiatives, #CSBG programs serve all members of the community  [Example]. (total post, around 100-150 words) #BeCommunityAction

We are committed to innovation to make our anti-poverty movement stronger! Our [agency/state office] recognized the need to respond to [______] in our community and took action! We [built/piloted/expanded] a [program/service] that (explain in abt 25-40 words). As a result [outcome/change] #BeCommunityAction  (total post, around 100-150 words)



Created by Rae Tamblyn (NASCSP), Natalie Kramer (Community Action Partnership), and Amy Kalmbach (NCAF), in collaboration.