WAP Standardized Curricula
These curricula are designed to be comprehensive, yet flexible tools useful to both new and experienced instructors. A new instructor can download the entire module for a comprehensive training session. Experienced trainers may only want to download specific sections to beef up their existing presentations. Watch the WxTV “Tour of the Standardized Curricula” episode.

To download the standardized curricula below, please visit the Department of Energy’s site here.

  • Weatherization Installer/Technician Intermediate
  • Weatherization Installer/Technician Mobile Homes
  • Energy Auditor – Multifamily
  • Heating Systems for Energy Auditors / Inspectors
  • Weatherization Technical Monitor / Inspector
  • Mechanical Systems – Multifamily
  • Train the Trainer
  • Health and Safety Training for Programmatic Staff
  • Lead Safe Weatherization (LSW)
  • ASHRAE 62.2