Advocacy Tools

New Weatherization Resources

Introduction to Weatherization Handout
This handout shares basic information about the Weatherization Assistance Program and invites the reader to learn more. This is a great tool for reaching out to stakeholders and local leaders.


Fact Sheet and Brochure

A fact sheet or tri-fold brochure can provide an effective synopsis of your program. Use these as background information in press kits, to distribute at information booths, and insert in your targeted mailings. A general weatherization assistance program fact sheet from the Department of Energy can be found here.

Creating Your Own Brochure

Here are some basic design tips to keep in mind:
  • Check out the merchandise: Collect and study a variety of brochures. See what works and what doesn’t. Learn from others’ successes and mistakes.
  • Keep it simple: Focus the message and the design. Don’t overwhelm the reader with numerous graphics or a mass of text. Don’t switch between several different fonts. The document will look disjointed.
  • Get out of jail: Too many bars, boxes, and lines will trap your reader and hide your message. Use these graphics efficiently, to direct attention and separate areas.
  • Embrace the emptiness: Resist the temptation to fill your brochure from end to end. Use “empty” space to highlight your message and focus the reader’s attention.
  • Beware the boring brochure: Efficient use of color and interesting paper stock can make a big difference in the brochure’s impact without breaking your bottom line. Are you printing in one color? Why not choose blue or dark green instead of black? For the same cost you can use several shades of the same color. Look for pre-printed brochure stock to add color without the cost of four-color printing. Copy your brochure on colored or textured paper.

Fact Sheets and Brochure Files

-The Weatherization tri-fold brochure is available in Word. The brochure is formatted for legal-size paper. You can download the file and modify the brochure with state/agency-specific information. WAP statistics contained in brochure were updated in 2018.


Examples of Fact Sheets From the Network:

Customizable Weatherization Works! Slideshow

The Weatherization Works! Slideshow debuted at the 2009 National Weatherization Training Conference in Indianapolis, IN, and is a self-animated PowerPoint Presentation that is a powerful tool to use to show the good work that the Weatherization network does. This document is free for all to use and customize as you see fit to suit your organization’s needs.

Sample Letters

The following letters are provided as samples to help you develop your own personalized letter.
  • Always print your correspondence on agency letterhead
  • When possible, ask someone else to proofread for clarity, grammar, and spelling
  • Be sure to spell check your document before finalizing