WAP 40 Year Anniversary-Toolkit #2

Hello WAP Network! The Weatherization Assistance Program was signed into law this week in 1976 on August 14th. The WAP is officially turning 40 years old! Utilize the resources from Toolkit #1 as well as the social media tools below to bring attention to the success of the WAP over the last 40 years. Remember to use #WAP40yrs!


  • #DYK: The #WAP was signed into law 40 years ago this week by President Gerald Ford on August 14, 1976 #WAP40yrs #WeatherizationWorks
  • #OnThisDay in 1976, President Gerald Ford signed the #Weatherization Assistance Program into law #WAP40yrs #WeatherizationWorks
  • Over its 40 year history, the #WAP has weatherized more than 7.4 million homes, creating #healthyhomes & lowering #energyburden #WAP40yrs
  • #Weatherization can save families with low-incomes up to $400 per year in energy costs lowering their #energyburden #WAP40yrs #talkpoverty
  • As part of the Recovery Act, #WAP weatherized 1 million homes in 3.5 years #WeatherizationWorks #WAP40yrs http://bit.ly/2aG7hOZ
  • The #WAP’s 40-year record of success has been documented by @ORNL findings http://bit.ly/1W4Nag2  #WAP40yrs
  • Today (@agency) celebrates the 40 year anniversary of the #WAP! Click here to learn about WAP services in our community (insert link to website) #WAP40yrs



Each of the blurbs below can be used as a Facebook post:

  • Low-income households devote up to three times as much income to energy costs as high-income households according to a report from ACEEE http://bit.ly/1QnMjRM. For 40 years, the WAP has been helping reduce the energy burden of low-income families. WAP energy efficiency improvements can save families between $250 and $450 per year on their energy bills #WAP40yrs
  • Since 1976 the Weatherization Assistance Program has provided critical weatherization services to over seven million families with low incomes in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, five U.S. Territories, and three Native American Tribes. As we mark the 40th anniversary of the Weatherization Assistance Program, let’s take a comprehensive look back at the wide ranging impacts of the WAP http://bit.ly/2avgMoP #WAP40yrs #talkpoverty
  • For 40 years the services provided by the WAP have made lasting improvements on the lives of families with low incomes. [Insert example of a client testimonial (3-5 sentences), or agency-wide data on outcomes]. (total post, around 100-150 words) #WAP40yrs #WeatherizationWorks


To give your audience a historical overview of the WAP, consider crafting a post to feature the following video: “Bridging the Gaps- A History of the Weatherization Assistance Program”.


The graphics and posts below can be used on any social media platform. You will need to right click the images and download them. Then you can use them when you create your social media post.

  • The #WAP turns 40 years old today! Celebrating 40 years of weatherization! #WAP40yrs

The Weatherization Assistance Program turns 40 yea

  • The WAP has a 40 year record of success! #WAP40yrs #weatherizationworks #talkpoverty

WAP-Did You Know (Blue)

  • Do you know your #WAP facts? #WeatherizationWorks #WAP40yrs

WAP-Did you know 2- Yellow and Green

  • For 40 years, dedicated professionals across the country have been weatherizing the homes of low-income families as part of the #Weatherization Assistance Program #WAP40yrs

WAP Professionals