Utilize Your State Fact Sheet During Community Action Month!

State fact sheets are one of the many resources NASCSP provides to highlight and showcase CSBG data. During Community Action Month, you can utilize state fact sheets to customize your communications efforts.

Each State fact sheet includes information from the FFY 2016 Community Services Block Grant Information System Survey (CSBG IS). It reports on the make-up of the state network, the total number of individuals who have received services, demographics of populations served, the breakdown of funds leveraged by the network, and the outcomes achieved.

Download your State fact sheet on the NASCSP website. Here are some of the many ways you can use this information throughout the month:

1. Meet with your Representative – Community Action Month is a great time to do this! Bring the fact sheet with you to a meeting at the office of your member of Congress or state legislator. Having a tangible example of CSBG success in your state that you can hand to a staffer is a vital resource. Find your member of Congress here.

2. Educate the community – Other organizations and stakeholders in the community might be unfamiliar with the impact of CSBG. Bring the fact sheet to fundraisers, conferences, and other community events you might be having during Community Action Month. Use the power of information to build new partnerships and bring Community Action to new audiences.

3. Use as a seed for blogs or press coverage– Any of the topics covered on the fact sheet could be explored more deeply in a blog post or news article. Consider providing the fact sheet to local media as the basis for a story on the benefits of CSBG in your state. Or use a blog post to focus in on one outcome and highlight an innovative program or agency. Check out the Community Action Partnership’s Community Action Month Toolkit for tips about press stories and other great resources.

4. Use the sheet for easy social media – The fact sheet gets you the CSBG essentials fast, but you can quickly communicate the impact of CSBG by pulling specific info from the sheet. Take one statistic or outcome and craft a post for Twitter or Facebook. For example:

-In STATE NAME, Community Action Agencies provided services to ___________ low-income individuals #CSBG #TalkPoverty

-#DYK: ________ individuals received SERVICE NAME in STATE NAME in the past year #CommunityActionWorks

-For every $_____ of CSBG, the STATE NAME network leveraged $_________ from federal, state, local, and private sources #Leveraging #CSBG #CommunityActionWorks

5. Add impact with images– By using your computer’s “snipping” or “screenshot” feature, you can quickly pull a specific piece of the report and include the image on a flier, newsletter, or social media post.



  • #CommunityAction exemplifies a results-driven approach that prioritizes accountability and outcomes. #CSBG funding gives local agencies the tools and flexibility to address their most pressing local needs and to provide tailored services to vulnerable individuals, families, and communities. #BeCommunityAction #CommunityActionWorks


[Include the Outcomes page of your State Fact Sheet]

Outcomes-Fact sheet


  • [Insert State] remains committed to strengthening and supporting #CommunityAction across our state. These [number of agencies in specific State] agencies receiving #CSBG funds in [Insert State] work tirelessly to empower families, individuals, and communities, moving them out of poverty and towards economic stability. #CommunityActionWorks #WeR1000Strong


[Include screenshot from State Fact Sheet]



  • The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) utilizes a Federal-State-Local partnership to address the causes and conditions of poverty in our communities. These flexible funds allow #CommunityAction Agencies to address unique, local needs in their fight against poverty. The #CSBG network maximizes the impact of their funding by leveraging additional funds from other sources. For every $1 of CSBG, the [insert State Network] leveraged [insert State specific amount] from federal, state, local, and private sources.


[Attach image of the leveraging photo from the specific State Fact Sheet]

Leverage capture



  • We are proud to work with over ____ local & state partners to ensure our communities have access to services they need #CommunityActionWorks [Customize with State Fact Sheet]


  • In [State], #CommunityAction provided services to [insert State-specific number] individuals with low-incomes. #CommunityActionWorks


[Attach image from your specific State Fact Sheet]


  • #CommunityAction makes the most of every dollar. For every $1 of CSBG, the [State] Network leveraged [insert amount] from federal, state, local, and private sources. #WeR1000Strong #CommunityActionWorks


  • This past year, services and strategies provided by the [State] Network resulted in [State amount from Fact Sheet] outcomes for participants and communities with low incomes. #BeCommunityAction