Toolkit #3- Energy Action Month & Weatherization Day in October

September is here! That means we are rapidly approaching Energy Action Month (October) and Weatherization Day (Oct. 30th)! Continue to let us know what you are doing for Weatherization Day or to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of WAP. Add your events or actions to the sign-up sheet so that other States can see what you are doing and NASCSP can promote via social media. Keep an eye out for our final toolkit in October as well. Remember to refer to the guides from Toolkit 1 for more information on how to secure a governor’s proclamation, craft a press release, etc. Remember to hit on the following themes in your public information campaigns:

  1. WAP delivers energy savings to low income families
  2. WAP provides health and safety benefits
  3. WAP is good for the environment
  4. WAP supports jobs and new technology
  5. WAP is a cost effective program the returns benefits to society as a whole


  • Common #Weatherization measures include:air sealing, wall & attic insulation, duct sealing, furnace repair/replacement #WeatherizationWorks
  • (@agency) is proud to work with (@Community Partners or utility companies) to increase the #energyefficiency & #healthandsafety of our community #WeatherizationWorks
  • #WAP benefits communities by providing safer & more #energy efficient housing stock, + increases local economic activity #WeatherizationWorks
  • #DYK: Residents w/ asthma reported fewer hospitalizations and ER visits after #weatherization #WxPlusHealth #HealthyHomes
  • Children missed fewer school days after their homes received #energyefficiency services from #WAP #HealthyHomes #WxPlusHealth
  • #WAP leads the way in advancing tech, research & work practices to make #energy upgrades cost effective, safe & comprehensive #WeatherizationWorks
  • Reducing energy costs means families have more money to spend on food, medicine & other essentials #WeatherizationWorks #TalkPoverty


  • In 2010 alone, the WAP led to an estimated 7,382,000 metric ton reduction in Carbon. Low income families are often disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change and the WAP helps mitigate this burden. The WAP also plays a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and assisting in the transition to a clean energy economy #WeatherizationWorks
  • WAP Grantees have been involved in several successful Department of Energy pilot programs to develop and incorporate innovative home energy efficiency solutions such as cool roofs, solar water heating, and photovoltaics.
  • LIHEAP and WAP work hand in hand to help low income families combat the financial burden associated with high energy bills. In an extreme winter or brutal heatwave, LIHEAP is a critical, if not lifesaving, resource in keeping utility services up and running when financial circumstances could result in a shut off. Weatherization, under the same conditions, is a long term solution to fix the underlying efficiency problems that continually strain a family’s utility costs #TalkPoverty #WeatherizationWorks


Raising the Bar within Weatherization and Home Performance (DOE):

Energy By the Numbers: Weatherization Assistance Program (DOE):

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State-of-the art training centers across the nation ensure the #WAP network provides the highest quality #Weatherization services #WAP40yrs


Mark your calendar for #Weatherization Day 2016 next month! #WXDayOct30


Anniversary Logos

Additionally, please see the WAP 40th Anniversary logos below. These were created by Palmetto Community Action Partnership in South Carolina and they have generously allowed them to be shared, reused, and re-purposed. Thanks Palmetto!