So the new CSBG Annual Report is here….now what?

You’ve been hearing it for years, “ROMA Next Generation is coming!”, “A new CSBG Annual Report is coming!” Maybe you didn’t think it would happen or were holding off on making plans until it was official. It is! In January 2017, the CSBG Annual Report was cleared by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and both ROMA Next Generation and the new CSBG Annual Report became a reality. Our CSBG Network has a new opportunity to showcase our efforts in performance management and how we impact change in the lives of the most vulnerable across the country. That said, there is a lot of work ahead to make sure these new efforts are implemented successfully. NASCSP staff wants you to know that we understand the opportunities and challenges facing us and are here to help!

5 Things you Need to Know about ROMA Next Generation and the CSBG Annual Report

  1. The CBSG Annual Report is real. It’s happening! The CSBG Annual Report was cleared by OMB. The OMB Clearance gives—for the first time—permission to the Office of Community Services (OCS) to collect CSBG data directly from the CSBG State Office. The CSBG Annual Report was released by OCS in IM 152.
  2. Data Collection for the CSBG Annual Report has started in some States. Data collection for the full CSBG Annual Report begins in FY2018, based on every State’s CSBG Reporting Period. The full CSBG Annual Report is due to OCS for the first time on March 31, 2019. This means, if your state reporting period is July 1-June 30 or October 1-September 30, you should have already started collecting CSBG Annual Report data. States operating with a January 1-December 31 reporting period will start data collection in just a couple of months. Need to know your State’s reporting period? Check here.
  3. It will take time to fully implement the CSBG Annual Report. This is just our first year! The CSBG Network is working to become familiar with the new report, implementing data collection processes and updating data systems. NASCSP is finalizing an instruction manual and providing training and technical assistance to states. We advise you to report what you can and expand on the data reported from that point.
  4. The CSBG Annual Report is a part of ROMA Next Generation (NG). ROMA NG is bigger than just the CSBG Annual Report. The CSBG Annual Report is a component of ROMA NG that allows all of the elements of the Performance Management Framework to be reported. It provides more data on community level efforts, services, and strategies to increase focus on analysis of data and integrate all phases of the ROMA cycle.
  5. The National Community Action Theory of Change is finalized. After robust discussion and input, the CSBG Network now has an official Theory of Change. The National Community Action Theory of Change is a part of ROMA NG and is a national statement of the underlying beliefs and assumptions that guide our  service delivery strategy. It identifies the “why” and the “how” of the activities undertaken by our network and it identifies the “what” of change and improvement produced.


5 Resources to Check Out

  1. Annotated CSBG Annual Report: This detailed document provides line by line notations on which CSBG Information Survey (IS) NPIs and Sections are included, expanded upon, or used to inform the CSBG Annual Report.

Download it Here

  1. CSBG Annual Report in Excel: The numbering scheme for each module has been updated in an excel format. This numbering scheme will allow the network to more easily communicate each data point in the Annual Report and will assist developers with building systems.

Module 2: Expenditure, Capacity, Resources Excel Forms

Module 3: Community Level

Module 4: Individual and Family Level

  1. CSBG Annual Report 1-Pager: This 1-pager provides key information on the what, why, and when of the CSBG Annual Report.

Download it Here

  1. NPI Crosswalk: Starting to map out how you will transition from the CSBG IS to the CSBG Annual Report? This detailed crosswalk starts with the NPIs in the CSBG IS Survey and identifies similar indicators in the CSBG Annual Report.

Download it Here

  1. NPI Posters: Download the Module 3 NPI and Module 4 NPI posters. These displays will give you a quick overview of all of the NPIs in the new CSBG Annual Report!

Module 3 – Community NPI Counts of ChangeRates of Change 1Rates of Change 2

Module 4 – Individual and Family NPIs

Where to Find Training

To support you in your implementation process, NASCSP has developed comprehensive one and two-day trainings to review the Performance Management Framework, ROMA NG, and each module of the CSBG Annual Report. Trainings are often hosted by the State Association and State Office and offered to all local agencies in the state. Our team of trainers work with States to adapt the training to your specific needs and cover the following:

  • CSBG Performance Management Framework
  • National Community Action Network Theory of Change
  • Implementation Timeline for the CSBG Annual Report
  • Module 1: State Administration
  • Module 2: CSBG Eligible Entity Expenditures, Capacity, and Resources
  • Module 3: Community Level
  • Module 4: Individual and Family Level
  • Your State’s Plan for Implementation

NASCSP has delivered this training to over ten states. In addition to this training, NASCSP trainers can work with you to plan a webinar or presentation at your State conference. If you are interested in requesting a training, please contact NASCSP’s T/TA Manager, Raymond Thomas at, or fill out the NASCSP Training Request Form.