NASCSP Welcomes Amy Klusmeier!

Greetings from NASCSP’s new WAP State Assistance Director, Amy Klusmeier. I feel fortunate to be starting this new role in October, an exciting time for weatherization. Energy Awareness Month and Weatherization Day provide an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the accomplishments of the weatherization program. We have impressive statistics to share: $283 in annual energy cost savings per home weatherized; every $1.00 invested in weatherization generates $1.72 in energy benefits; an estimated 8,500 jobs supported nationwide.

Like many weatherization professionals I started as a field worker at a subgrantee in south central Wisconsin. I learned building science principles on-the-job and enjoyed the investigative challenges presented by each home. I also loved interacting with our clients and seeing the positive impact our work had on their lives, which isn’t always captured in statistics. I keep one of my favorite letters posted at my desk, from the daughter of a client in rural Wisconsin. The letter reads, “…You helped make it possible for him to afford his home for another year…Yours is a great service.”

In 2011 I accepted a position with the State of Wisconsin and eventually became the lead weatherization program and policy analyst, responsible for coordinating the completion of our state plans, managing training and technical assistance activities, and building relationships with our subgrantee network and program partners. Throughout my various roles in the program I have been incredibly fortunate to have mentors and trainers with expertise in all areas of weatherization, willing to share their knowledge and passion for the program mission.

I am grateful for the opportunity to carry on this tradition and to assist states with administration of the weatherization program through the services provided by NASCSP. Please do not hesitate to reach out with your questions and suggestions, and be sure to take a look at our list of training options. I look forward to working with NASCSP members, colleagues and our partners to continue reducing energy costs and improving the lives of families through weatherization services.

~ Amy Klusmeier, WAP State Assistance Director, NASCSP