NASCSP Celebrates Earth Day 2013 with a Picnic [Photos]

By Glory Anwanwan, Senior Web Coordinator; Healthy Homes & Gretchen Knowlton, Policy Director

National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) staff from across the country and the Capitol Hill office celebrated Earth Day 2013 with a picnic as part of the Picnic for Earth, an initiative spearheaded by The Nature Conservancy. Last month, the Conservancy asked millions of people all over the world to spend the whole month of April— Earth Month— thinking about where their food comes from, and how their food choice impacts our planet as a part of their All Hands on Earth campaign. Picnic for Earth is about all of us coming together to do our part by eating sustainably and creating healthy communities.

In honor of Earth Month, NASCSP staff got together for Picnic for Earth:


NASCSP Staff picnic on Capitol Hill | Front Row, L-R: Joan Harris, Operations Director; Jovita Tolbert, Development Director, NASC; Terry Joyner, Director, Member Services; Eric Stam, Senior Analyst Carbon Trading; Mark Schmeissing, Senior Policy Analyst. Back Row, L-R: Christa Joyner, Administrative Assistant; Raymond Thomas, Project Manager; Healthy Homes; Arley Johnson, Director, Government Relations


Raymond Thomas

Raymond Thomas, Project Manager, Healthy Homes

TerryRiding in to work, Terry Joyner, Director, Member Services

Christa Joyner, Administrative Assistant

While office-based staff were picnicking on the Hill, NASCSP telecommuters also stepped outside to enjoy Earth Month. We believe that telecommuting does its own small part to create a healthy environment, by reducing commute time and carbon emissions. Technology allows us to stay connected even as we work – and picnic – remotely around the country.

GloryGlory Anwanwan, Senior Web Coordinator, Healthy Homes | Virginia


Cindy Homol, Conference Manager | Pennsylvania


Gretchen Knowlton, Policy Director | Chicago


Jacqueline Cardoza, Senior Web Coordinator, Healthy Homes | Virginia

Lisa Picnic

Lisa Kesecker, Consultant, Health Homes | West Virginia


Ryan Ward, Research Analyst, Healthy Homes | North Carolina

At NASCSP, we wholeheartedly embrace the idea that financial well-being is tied to energy security for all Americans. Protecting the environment, creating sustainable, vibrant communities and helping low-income families across this country reach their full potential all contribute to our mission. Our affiliate, National Alliance for Sustainable Communities (NASC) and our Weatherization Plus Health Initiative, on behalf of the Department of Energy (DOE), ensure we promote energy security and a healthy environment every day, not just on Earth Day.

What do you do to promote healthy community at home and at work?