Mini Weatherization Toolkit, Week 3

We are just a few days away from #WXDayOct30! Here’s to the 3rd week of #EnergyAwarenessMonth! Make sure you’re using and following the hashtags #EnergyActionMonth, #Weatherization, and #EnergyAwarenessMonth in addition to #WXDayOct30 to stay up to date on what your peers are saying, and be part of a larger social media buzz!

The importance of Weatherization Day cannot be over emphasized!  There is no such thing as too many positive posts! When everyone knows about the outstanding work you perform, they are more willing to support your work – in your community, your state, and nationally!

Feel free to use the tweets and facebook posts we’ve created for you and as always, add your own! Want to share but don’t have Twitter/Facebook? Email us and we’ll make sure to publicize for you!

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  • #Weatherization leads the way in advancing tech, research & work practices to make #energy upgrades cost effective, safe & comprehensive
  • #DYK the #Weatherization Assistance Program was the second largest job creator under the 2009 economic stimulus plan? #WXDayOct30
  • Low income families, on average, spend 14% of their income on energy costs #energyawarenessmonth #WXDayOct30 #TalkPoverty #energyburden
  • Reducing energy costs means families have more money to spend on food, medicine & other essentials #Weatherization #WXDayOct30 #TalkPoverty
  • #DYK #Weatherization workers make up the largest #energyefficiency retrofit workforce in USA? learn more abt WAP:
  • The #Weatherization Assistance Program takes building science from the lab to the home #EnergyActionMonth #energyefficiency #WxDayOct30
  • #Weatherization serves as a valuable proving ground & market outlet for tools & ideas that advance the #energyefficiency industry
  • #Weatherization takes the best ideas & technologies available in #energyefficiency industry and implements them on a national level.
  • #DYK there are #weatherization programs in all 50 states, D.C., Native American tribes, & U.S. Territories? #WXDayOct30
  • #Weatherization employs more residential #energyefficiency professionals than any other industry in the nation #EnergyAwarenessMonth
  • #Weatherization helps define residential energy upgrade work as a distinct & professional industry w/ well defined product for consumers
  • #Weatherization benefits communities by providing safer & more #energy efficient housing stock, + increases local economic activity

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1. Nationally, as many as 20–30 million U.S. families are eligible for weatherization services. U.S. Department of Energy urges you to contact your state #weatherization agency to determine if you are eligible for the many benefits of weatherization services. For example, reducing energy costs means families have more money to spend on food, medicine & other essentials. Weatherization work also benefits communities by providing safer & more #energy efficient housing stock, and increases local economic activity Find your local WAP Provider here:

2. Introduced in fall 2012, the Weatherization Plus Health web portal provides valuable data, resources, and tools to connect low-income community energy efficiency providers, healthy homes practitioners, and citizens with much needed services and resource information to help create partnerships and ensure comprehensive services. The site includes a compendium of training events, best practices, and technical expertise resources as well as state of the art mapping tools to better target areas for intervention

3. Interested in #Weatherization? The WAPTAC website contains a ‘virtual’ library of all rules, regulations, policies and procedures required by DOE’s weatherization program. It is also a central repository for presentation materials, photos and videos of work in progress, site demonstrations, news articles, and other documentation to support WAP operations. serves as the institutional memory of the Program.

Brought to you by Rae Tamblyn and Quinton Young, NASCSP