In Case You Missed It: Congress Passes Omnibus

Last week, Congress passed an FY 2018 Omnibus appropriations package. The measure passed the Senate by a margin of 65-32 and the House by a margin of 256-167. President Trump signed the legislation on Friday. The Omnibus protects CSBG funding from cuts, holding it at level funding. The package also increases both WAP and LIHEAP funding. Numbers to note:

  • CSBG– $715 Million (Level with FY 2017)
  • WAP– $251 million ($23 million increase from FY 2017 level of $228 million)
  • LIHEAP– $3.64 Billion ($250 million increase over FY 2017 level of $3.39 billion)

The passage of the Omnibus signals the completion of the FY 2018 appropriations process, funding the government for the remainder of the fiscal year. The FY 2019 process is already beginning to ramp up. The House and Senate are holding hearings on FY 19 agency budget proposals, circulating appropriations letters, and accepting outside witness testimony. 

-View the Energy Appropriations bill from the FY18 Omnibus here (WAP numbers)
-View the HHS Appropriations bill from the FY18 Omnibus here (CSBG & LIHEAP numbers)