Gearing up for Weatherization Day 2015?

Weatherization Day is on October 30th, just a few short weeks away! Now is the time to request proclamations from your Governor’s office, urge sub-grantees to hold events, celebrate effective practices, draft press releases in advance, pull together data to reflect your successes, start planning some great #WxDayOct30 tweets, and think about other ways to recognize the day in your state. The past few years, media releases and policymakers have unfortunately focused heavily on what needs improvement in WAP. It is critical to shine a light on all the many ways weatherization benefits the customers, communities, and households served. This is our opportunity as a network to draw attention to the innovation, creativity, and good work accomplished by weatherization.

An official proclamation is a great way to celebrate Weatherization Day and showcase support for the program. Last year, many states issued Governor’s and mayoral proclamations, including District of Columbia, Michigan, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, and West Virginia. We encourage you to work with your Governor’s office or your Mayor’s office to get a Proclamation and show that your state values weatherization and energy efficiency. You may want to start with a request through the legislative liaison or Communications office in your state agency.

Weatherization Day is a great time to host events that showcase your program to local stakeholders, partners, and Representatives. Last year, many states hosted Weatherization Day events. Examples include:

  • Ozark Area Community Action Corporation in Missouri held a very successful open House and NASCSP utilized social media to promote the event.
  • The Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development and Hocking, Athens, Perry Community Action Agency hosted an open house featuring weatherization demonstrations and a walk-through for a weatherized home.
  • Michigan published a press release on the benefits of Weatherization.
  • Community Action hosted a Weatherization Day Energy Conservation Resource Fair in Hillsboro, Oregon. More than 30 agencies participated and Oregon Technical Institute brought its “House of Pressure” to demonstrate house pressure diagnostic testing.

Events aren’t only walk-throughs and demos!

  • Bake a cakewap_cake for Weatherization Day, participate in a parade to raise awareness, have a chili cook-off to turn up the heat in honor of Weatherization Day — let your imaginations run wild – and send the pictures and stories to NASCSP!
  • Celebrate the day by hosting a community celebration of energy efficiency and ask utility companies to donate LED lightbulbs to with free information on household tips for saving energy.
  • Host your state Weatherization conference in October and reward special efforts or outstanding energy projects connected to Weatherization.

Remember to collect media releases from customers and others photographed at the event – an example can be found in the Weatherization Site Visit Demonstration Kit located here.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Weatherization Day, send NASCSP news clips, pictures, press releases, and proclamations and be sure to tag us or use #WxDayOct30 so we and your peers can follow along! We use this information to advocate for the WAP on your behalf here in Washington D.C. These events go a long way to showing the national support and work done throughout the country for this great program. We’ll also make sure you get special recognition at the 2016 NASCSP Mid-Winter Conference. Show your colleagues how your state’s Weatherization Works!