Gearing Up for ROMA NG and the CSBG Annual Report

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end” – Robin Sharma

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Our CSBG Network has experienced change and shown resilience over the course of its history. NASCSP understands that ROMA Next Generation (NG) and the CSBG Annual Report has and will create change for all of us at the local, state, and national levels. Whether you are feeling prepared and confident or a little unsure about how to implement ROMA NG and the CBSG Annual Report, NASCSP is here to help!

We know at NASCSP that better data and better methods to analyze data will help us improve how we serve our communities and individuals and families with low-incomes. Successful implementation of the CSBG Annual Report will help us do this! To support you in your implementation process, NASCSP developed comprehensive one and two-day trainings to review the Performance Management Framework, ROMA NG, and each module of the CSBG Annual Report. Trainings are often hosted by the State Association and State Office and offered to all local agencies in the state. Our team of trainers work with States to adapt the training to your specific needs and cover the following:

  • CSBG Performance Management Framework
  • National Community Action Network Theory of Change
  • Implementation Timeline for the CSBG Annual Report
  • Module 1: State Administration
  • Module 2: CSBG Eligible Entity Expenditures, Capacity, and ResourcesPicture 2
  • Module 3: Community Level
  • Module 4: Individual and Family Level
  • Your State’s Plan for Implementation

NASCSP has delivered this training to over ten states. In addition to this training, NASCSP trainers can work with you to plan a webinar or presentation at your State conference. If you are interested in requesting  a training, please contact NASCSP’s T/TA Manager, Raymond Thomas at, or fill out the NASCSP Training Request Form.

New Mexico – Carolyn VanderGiesen, Executive Director, New Mexico Association of Community Partners

“Katy and Lauren provided excellent guidance for completing the new CSBG Report, ROMA NG, NPIs and TOC. The content was organized and well presented. The participants left with the confidence to complete the new report and a better understanding of their responsibility.  Great Job! We will definitely consider the NASCSP staff for our next conference.  Thanks to Katy and Lauren we are prepared for the new changes!”

Alabama – Rhoda Talley, CSBG Program Manager, Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs

“The training provided by Jackie Orr on Modules 3 and 4 gave our agencies a much better understanding of ROMA NG. She was able to answer all of the questions presented in a way that even the new staff members were able to understand. Although the webinars that have been presented provided most of the same material, in-person training was much more beneficial.”

Washington – Diane Fay, Program Manager, Community Services and Housing Division, Washington State Department of Commerce

“We loved working with Jenae and Katy. They worked with us every step of the way on content, taking in to consideration our audience to provide a deeply engaging and informative two day training. Katy brings the experience of working with a neighboring state, Idaho, and the first-hand experience of completing the IS Report for that state. The attendees shared with us their deep appreciation for the wealth of national level information that Jenae brought. I can’t say enough about how much everyone appreciated having access to that information straight from the source, the COE for the updated Annual Report. We look forward to continued work with NASCSP on next steps!”