DOE Blog Responds to E2e Study

Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, has written a blog to respond to the recent E2e Study.  In this posting, Dr. Hogan provides a thoughtful response to the draft working paper released by the E2e Project that outlines results of a study conducted on the Michigan Weatherization Program.  In the response, you will find a link to a fact sheet that provides a summary of key results from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s comprehensive evaluation of the Weatherization Assistance Program, scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.  These results provide a powerful counterpoint to the conclusions reached by E2e and demonstrate the continued success of the Weatherization program in lowering energy bills and improving the lives of low-income Americans. Both the blog post and fact sheet can be found in the links below.

  • Dr. Kathleen Hogan’s full response can be found here.
  • Regarding the effectiveness of the Weatherization program in response to the recent E2e Working Paper. Please click here for the summary of the National Evaluations for WAP, which have been eagerly awaited by many in the network.
  • Please find NASCSP’s official response to the E2e study here.