Module 3: Community Level 

(NEW) Module 3 Community Initiative Status Form Review Recording

Instructions on Module 3 SmartForms

Module 3: Community Level (PDF)

  • Contact your state office to receive your Module 3 SmartForm.

Module 3 Community Initiative Status Form Review Document (NEW!)

  •  The Community Initiative Status Form (CIS) is the entry form for Community Action Agencies (CAAs) reporting community level in Module 3 of the CSBG Annual Report. This document was developed to assist CSBG State Offices in reviewing the CIS and thus all Module 3 reporting.

 Word Version – Module 3 Community Initiative Status Form Checklist

Module 3 Pre-Review Upload Form

  • Any States participating in the NASCSP Module 3 Pre-Review process can access the upload form here. States participating have already received a password and further information.

Background: Module 3: Community Level Module of the CSBG Annual Report collects information on Community Level Initiatives,including National Performance Indicators (NPIs), and Community Strategies. Module 3 is comprised of three sections and is based on the State CSBG Reporting Period.

More about Module 3:

 Webinar: CSBG Annual Report, Understanding Module 3, Community Level

 This webinar will explore Module 3 of the CSBG Annual Report, which contains Community Level indicators and strategies. Items reviewed will include the Community National Performance Indicators (NPIs), community level strategies, and the community initiative status form. Webinar participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.

 July 17 – Power Point Slides |Recording

July 25 – Power Point Slides |Recording

Using the Community Status Page PowerPoint – This PowerPoint was presented at the  ROMA ICEP in Dallas, TX on April 19, 2017. The presentation provides an overview
of where we are headed with community level work, a case study from Louisville Community Metro Services, and an example of how to complete the Community Status page.

Module 3 Posters – Community NPI Counts of Change, Rates of Change 1, Rates of Change 2

Module 3 Instruction Manual | Attachment: CNPI Examples