DATA Task Force

What is the CSBG DATA Task Force?

The CSBG DATA Task Force is convened by the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) to assist the Office of Community Services (OCS) and NASCSP in understanding and addressing the CSBG Network’s data needs and the use of data for analysis and continual improvement of results. The CSBG DATA Task Force will serve as a consultative body focused on the transition from the CSBG IS Survey to the CSBG Annual Report, as well as ongoing assistance in the implementation of the CSBG Annual Report. The task force consists of representatives from Community Action Agencies, State CSBG Offices, Community Action Agency State Associations, National Partner organizations, and OCS.


Updates from the DATA Task Force 

Summer 2019 Meeting Recap– The CSBG DATA Task Force held their third in-person meeting in Washington D.C. on July 31st and August 1st, 2019. Members from local agencies, state offices, and state associations met to discuss the technical assistance needs of the network pertaining to the CSBG Annual Report. The DATA TF discussed topics ranging from the first full submission of the new CSBG Annual Report back in April to the upcoming OMB Clearance processes…Continue reading here.

Task Force Brief on the OMB Clearance Process– The CSBG Annual Report was cleared by the Office of Management and Budget in January 2017 with a 3-year approval. That means that the report clearance expires on January 31, 2020 — which is before the FY 2019 data is collected by OCS (States must submit by March 31, 2020). Therefore, an updated clearance is needed before January 2020 to ensure the network can seamlessly submit their FY 2019 CSBG Annual Report…Continue reading here.


DATA Task Force Completed Deliverables

Member Roster

You can view a roster of the DATA Task Force Members here. Consider contacting a DATA Task force member from your region if you are in need of guidance or resources.

DATA Task Force Subcommittees

  • Guidance and Training Subcommittee
    • This subcommittee is focused on developing guidance and training resources to be utilized by all levels of the network. The subcommittee has already developed several tools available on NASCSP’s website here. A major deliverable under development by this subcommittee is a comprehensive Lexicon to supplement Annual Report instruction manuals.
  • Systems IT Subcommittee
    • This subcommittee is focused on helping the CSBG network develop the systems and IT infrastructure needed to implement the CSBG Annual Report. Major deliverables for this subcommittee include an RFP toolkit and data dictionary.
  • Analysis Subcommittee
    • This subcommittee is responsible for developing resources to assist with data analysis such as crosswalks and measurement tools. The subcommittee is also helping to inform the creation of the OCS CSBG Performance Management website.
  • Communications and Marketing Subcommittee
    • This subcommittee is responsible for developing and implementing an overarching communications plan for the Task Force. This includes the development of communications tools such as talking points, slide decks, handouts, and more.