CSBG Legislative Update: Shutdown Edition Part II

congress_shutdownBy Brad Penney, General Counsel

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program does not face the threats we outlined in yesterday’s post about the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Under the provisions of a Continuing Resolution (CR), CSBG will benefit by receiving funding at the current level, minus sequestration – probably a cut in the range of 7%.

Ironically, the budget impasse benefits CSBG which otherwise would likely face Republican budget cuts in the House and a battle in House/Senate conference to keep the cuts from being enacted. The Labor/HHS appropriations bill is highly controversial however, and is not likely to see the light of day. This should protect CSBG from deep cuts for another year.

There is good possibility that a CSBG reauthorization bill will be introduced in the Senate this fall. But again, the preoccupation with budget and debt ceiling issues makes it unlikely that there would be any action on a CSBG bill this year.