CSBG IS and Annual Report Submission

It’s that time of year to think about submitting the CSBG IS Report! The submission of the FY 2017 CSBG IS data marks the final submission of the CSBG IS Report as the network will fully transition to the new CSBG Annual Report in FY 2018. This final reporting process will be the same as last year, with states submitting Module 1 of the new Annual Report in OLDC and submitting most of the CSBG IS Survey in the CSBG IS Access database. As these changes are still relatively new, NASCSP is taking a closer look at the process in this blog post and will provide resources that will assist in completing the FY 2017 data submission process.

Module 1- State Administration

States again will be required to complete Module 1 of the OMB cleared CSBG Annual Report in OLDC. This will be due on March 31, 2018. Module 1 reports data on State Administration of CSBG. Module 1 takes the place of reporting in Section A, Section C, and most of Section B in the CSBG IS. The submission of Module 1 will be made in OLDC, which was opened by OCS for data entry on January 29, 2018.


States will still need to complete the following sections in the CSBG IS Access Database:

– T/TA Survey,

– Section B Eligible Entity List,

– Section D Success Stories,

– Sections E-G,

– National Performance Indicators (NPIs).

The CSBG IS will be submitted to NASCSP in the Access Database and is due March 31, 2018. The CSBG IS database and supporting documents will be submitted directly to NASCSP via our website.


NASCSP held a webinar, CSBG Data Submission Process for Fiscal Year 2017, on November 8, 2017. It provided information on the data submission processes for this year. It highlighted the CSBG IS submission, preparing to submit the CSBG IS Survey, the data review process, the CSBG Annual Report, and submitting Module 1. A YouTube recording of this webinar can be viewed here or  the PowerPoint slides can be reviewed here.

Check out our resources for some basic facts, Q&As, and important tips for filling out the IS Survey:

As a reminder, there are a number of comparison and data review tools built into the CSBG IS database in the Data Diagnostic Tools section. These tools facilitate an easier, quicker data review process and allow for a higher level of data analysis. These are the tools that NASCSP uses when drafting the data review memos.


CSBG IS– Please direct any questions related to the CSBG IS or the database submission process to either Kyle Gasser kgasser@nascsp.org or Katy Kujawski kkujawski@nascsp.org.

OLDC- Submit any technical questions or concerns regarding OLDC to:

Module 1 – For any questions about submitting Module 1 of the Annual Report, please contact: