CSBG Data Corner: Preliminary Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Data

— Tabitha Beck, Research Director —

March 31 came and went, with CSBG Information System (IS) Survey database submissions coming from far and wide! The data are still being reviewed, but a preliminary compilation of some of the main information shows similar-to-slightly-lower numbers than last year. For example, roughly 17 million people were served by the CSBG Network in FY 2012, a Network managing nearly $14 billion.

A slight decrease in numbers was expected, given the wind-down of Recovery Act programs and related funding. Local Community Action Agencies (CAAs) have ridden the wave of Recovery Act, with the Network receiving a high of nearly $3 billion in FY10, to this year’s low of approximately $500 million. With the majority of Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) funds being managed by CAAs, this multi-year Recovery Act program provided the largest chunk of all CSBG Network Recovery Act funding over the past four years.

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More information to come regarding FY2012 data as it is finalized. Thanks in advance to States and CAAs for responding promptly to questions regarding their data.