CSBG Data Corner: Data at your Fingertips

by Tabitha Beck

Thank you to everyone for your efforts in submitting the FY2011 CSBG IS Survey this year! We hope you found the additional reports and comparison information in this year’s database useful in reviewing the data from your agencies. NASCSP is working on reviewing all the submissions and will be contacting you soon with follow-up data questions (if we haven’t already).

The improved, streamlined data submission and review process will ensure a more timely than ever before release of national reports. But you don’t need to wait for the national resources to be published to start using your data!

Included in this year’s database are two notable reports: the State Fact Sheet and the Agency Data Highlights. Find them from the Main Menu by clicking on View/Print Reports. We will be updating the formatting of the State Fact Sheet, and adding the final FY11 allocation amounts, these were not available when we released the databases back in November, but all the other information is right there in an easy-to-use two-page report. The Agency Data Highlights report contains the same data points as we include on the national data wheel – but at an agency level! Use this to discuss strengths across your agencies, and encourage them to share this quick-reference data with their boards and staff.

These reports are at your fingertips – use them now! There may be changes based on our review of the databases, but you can reference the information today, and note the date printed at the bottom of the reports. Then when you have your final, updated database, you can reprint and continue to showcase your success.