CSBG Data Corner: CSBG IS Data Awards

By Tabitha Beck, Director of Research, NASCSP

We at NASCSP understand and appreciate the dedication, time and effort that States, state associations, and local eligible entities put into providing data via the CSBG IS Survey every year. Thanks to your timely submissions and quick responses to follow-up questions, we were able to produce the 2012 CSBG Annual Report earlier than ever this year! Yesterday, at NASCSP’s 2012 Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, we recognized the efforts of this year’s Data Champions and a Rookie of the Year.

New this year, the Data Champion awards recognize one State from each NASCSP board region that excelled in the following areas: database completeness, timeliness, responsiveness, memo cleanliness. The Data Champion awards also take into account the number of agencies reporting and the complexity of the state structure.

Working on the CSBG IS database is a rite of passage for many new CSBG State staff, and NASCSP appreciates the efforts of those who have risen to the occasion this past year. As such, we created a new Rookie of the Year award, for the person who was the fastest learner, submitted a completed database, and lived to tell about it.

Congratulations to this year’s award winners, and sincere thanks again to everyone in the CSBG Network who worked hard to submit the CSBG IS Survey!

CSBG Data Champions and Board President

CSBG IS Data Awards

Data Champions

Region 1: New York

Region 2: North Carolina

Region 3: Kansas

Region 4: Montana

Region 5: Idaho

Rookie of the Year

An-Ming Truxes, Connecticut