CQ Roll Call Op-Ed - Warfield: Weatherization is Effective Investment

The CQ Roll Call, a very influential source for breaking news of legislative tracking and political maneuvering, recently published “Warfield: Weatherization is Effective Investment,” an op-ed written by Tim Warfield, Executive Director of NASCSP. The article addresses the concerns about funding cuts to the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and the economic impacts related to program services, jobs, and the local businesses in communities throughout the country.

WAP is an effective Federal investment. By regulation, all measures installed on the home of the low-income households must be able to show energy savings higher than the cost of the materials and labor to install them. In addition to those long-term savings and investment in America’s housing stock, the vast majority of WAP funds are pumped back into the local economy to invest in energy efficient materials, tools and equipment to conduct diagnostic tests and install the materials, and the labor force needed to perform the work. These dollars have a multiplying effect in the economic well-being of our nation’s local economies.

WAP advocates should communicate this story! NASCSP can assist with the multiple tools available on WAPTAC.