Community Action Month- Mini Toolkit #1

It’s Community Action Month! NASCSP has a lot of data resources available as part of our Annual Report and State Fact Sheets. We want to help you easily use data to tell the story of Community Action. Below you will find easily customizable social media posts, where you can incorporate data from the Annual Report and your State Fact Sheet. We’ve also included some nationwide data and pulled some graphics from the report for you already. We will provide mini data toolkits like this throughout May. Also, don’t forget to utilize the Community Action Partnership’s toolkit of resources and calendar to plan your Community Action Month activities!

Facebook Posts

  • The CSBG Network boasts over 1,000 #CommunityAction agencies around the nation dedicated to giving individuals and families the tools they need to succeed in this economy through supportive, innovative, and localized programs that help restore the link between hard work, opportunity, and self-sufficiency. Read the CSBG Annual Report to learn more about the services provided to over 15 million individuals in 2015:


  • #CommunityAction prioritizes results and outcomes. Results Oriented Management and Accountability, or ROMA, is a performance-based initiative designed to preserve the anti-poverty focus of community action and to promote greater effectiveness among state and local agencies receiving #CSBG funds. Learn about CSBG outcomes in the annual report:  #ROMANG #OrgStandards #BeCommunityAction

Attach a screenshots of the report to one of these posts:

report cover

  • #CommunityAction means that local agencies, states, national, and federal partners collaborate to provide support for families with low-incomes. In [State Name], [Percentage from State Fact Sheet] of families served lived below 100% of the poverty line and [Percentage from State Fact Sheet] lived below 50% of the poverty line. #TalkPoverty #BeCommunityAction

Attach a relevant screenshot from your State Fact Sheet to this post (found here):

 poverty line


 Twitter Posts

  • State, local, national, & federal partners collaborate together to provide comprehensive support for ppl w/ low-incomes #BeCommunityAction


  • #CommunityAction utilizes local control to meet the specific needs of their community as part of a larger movement to fight #poverty #CSBG

Attach this screenshot from the National Highlights sheet to any of these tweets:

number of agencies


  • In [State Name] in 2015, #CSBG provided services to [Number from State Fact Sheet] individuals w/ low-incomes #BeCommunityAction

Attach relevant screenshot from your State Fact Sheet (Found here):

 wheel chair grpahic


Other Fill in the Blank Tweets to Highlight Data

  • Over ____ volunteers helped enable #communityaction to help build a vibrant thriving community #becommunityaction [customize w/ statewide, nationwide, agency-wide volunteer numbers]
  • Energy burden is a huge drain on paychecks! [agency] enabled [____] people to reduce their energy bills with #Weatherization services #BeCommunityAction
  • [agency] provided supports & services that enabled [____] people to gain access to safe, healthy, & affordable housing #BeCommunityAction
  • [agency] provides supports & services that enabled [____] children to enroll in safe, qualified childcare [time period – IE. In last 6 months, over the last year etc.] #BeCommunityAction
  • We are proud to work with over ____ local & state partners to ensure our communities have access to services they need #BeCommunityAction
  • The #CSBG Network provides services to reduce & eliminate barriers to initial or continuous employment for over ____ ppl #BeCommunityAction


Success Stories

Take Screenshots of success stories from the CSBG Annual Report and post on Facebook or Twitter.

Alaska story