Community Action Month- Data Toolkit #2

Below you will find more sample social media posts, where you can incorporate data from the Annual Report and your State Fact Sheet. We’ve also included resources specifically for #WeatherizationWednesday on May 17th. Lastly, remember to use the Community Action Partnership’s toolkit of resources and calendar to plan your Community Action Month activities!


  • [AGENCY NAME] remains committed to the strength and value of #CSBG and #CommunityAction as the national anti-poverty strategy that coordinates local, state, and federal efforts to secure a promising future for our nation. For every $1 of CSBG, the Network leveraged $7.70 from state, local, and private sources. #BeCommunityAction

          Include the leveraging graphic from the National Highlights fact sheet


  • #CommunityAction exemplifies a results-driven approach that allows communities to build thriving economies using sustainable solutions. #CSBG funding gives local agencies the tools and flexibility to put their money towards the most pressing local needs to address today’s economic concerns, to provide services to low-income individuals, and to create a better future for struggling Americans and vulnerable communities. #BeCommunityAction

          Include the Outcomes page of your State Fact Sheet

State Fact Sheet

  • What does #CSBG do exactly? CSBG services are among the most diverse of any federal antipoverty program, supporting everything from job training, to preventative health services, education, nutrition, and housing. A hallmark of Community Action and CSBG is the reliance on a Community Needs Assessment, a project that surveys the local community and tailors the local agencies’ services to unique community needs.#BeCommunityAction

         Include figure 12 from the national report

 Funds Pie


Data from the Annual Report

  • 273,361 people w/ low-incomes enrolled school-aged children in before & after school programs. #BeCommunityAction #CSBG
  • 224,356 infants & children participated in pre-school activities, assisting in developing school readiness skills. #BeCommunityAction #CSBG
  • 507,394 infants & children obtained age-appropriate immunizations, medical, & dental care. #BeCommunityAction #CSBG
  • 1,853,810 senior citizens received services & maintained an independent living situation as a result of services. #BeCommunityAction #CSBG
  • 1,125,875 individuals w/ disabilities received services and maintained an independent living situation as a result of services. #CSBG

Consider adding a link to find out more in the full annual report:

Consider using State specific data from your State Fact Sheet:

  • [NPI 1.3 data] Low-income families began small businesses with accumulated savings as a result of [agency] programs #BeCommunityAction
  • #CommunityAction offers ________, ____________, and ______ to our community to help promote self-sufficiency. #TalkPoverty
  • [NPI 1.3 data] Low-income families in [agency] CAA tax preparation programs qualified for tax credits to build assets #beCommunityAction
  • We are proud to work with over ____ local & state partners to ensure our communities have access to services they need #BeCommunityAction




The Home Energy Affordability Gap is the gap between “affordable” home energy bills and “actual” home energy bills. In 2015, the Home Energy Affordability Gap for those near or below the federal poverty line was calculated to be $40 billion   #WeatherizationWednesday #BeCommunityAction #TalkPoverty

In 2016, Colorado launched a low-income rooftop solar project within its Weatherization Assistance Program  #WeatherizationWorks #BeCommunityAction

Did you know? States have maximized the impact of the Weatherization Assistance Program through strategic partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Learn more here: #WeatherizationWednesday #BeCommunityAction

Since 1976, WAP has provided critical weatherization services to over seven million low-income families in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, five U.S. Territories, and three Native American Tribes. The WAP provides cost-effective energy savings to American families, leads to important health and safety benefits, positively impacts the environment, and supports jobs and new technology. #WAP #BeCommunityAction



#WAP has weatherized more than 7.4 million homes,creating #healthyhomes & lowering #energyburden #BeCommunityAction #WeatherizationWednesday

Over ____ homes were weatherized in ____ by (@agency) #WeatherizationWednesday #BeCommunityAction

#Weatherization work by (@agency) saved low-income households $____ on average #WeatherizationWednesday #WAP

(@agency) is proud to work with [community partners or local utility companies] to increase the #energyefficiency & #healthandsafety of our community #WAP #BeCommunityAction

(@agency) leveraged $___ in additional funding to maximize their ability to provide #weatherization & increase #energyefficiency for local households

#Weatherization increases energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption & lowering utility costs #WXDayOct30 #EnergyActionMonth

#DYK there are #weatherization programs in all 50 states, D.C., Native American tribes, & U.S. Territories? #WXDayOct30

#WAP provides: energy savings to American families, health & safety benefits, jobs & new technology #EnergyActionMonth #WeatherizationWorks


Videos from Faces of Weatherization Series

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