Checking In: DATA Task Force

The DATA Task Force has been hard at work since their face to face kick-off in June. There are five subcommittees that formed to address work that meets the specific needs of the network. All but one sub-committee has already met and started to discuss deliverables and next steps for creating tools and providing resources for the network as we roll out implementation of ROMA Next Generation. This is a brief recap of the work of the first three sub-committees that have met.


Communications and Marketing Subcommittee

The Communications and Marketing Subcommittee held its kickoff webinar on October 18, 2017. The webinar began with introductions of all of the members of the subcommittee. This was followed by a discussion of the roles of the members versus the NASCSP staff. The group also noted the critical role that communications and marketing will have in the implementation of the new annual report across the nation-wide network. Additionally, the group discussed how its communications efforts will support the efforts of other subcommittees such as Guidance and Training.

The subcommittee also identified several communications deliverables that would be useful to the network. The group highlighted a robust Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that is continually updated as the number one priority. Additionally, the subcommittee came up with the idea of a document that thoroughly walks through and clears up misconceptions surrounding the Annual Report and ROMA Next Generation. Finally, the subcommittee identified the need for talking points about the Annual Report that are tailored to each level of the network (State Office, Association, Local).


Training Subcommittee

The Training Subcommittee of the DATA Task Force was excited to hold its first planning meeting on October 31.  Committee members got off to a quick start by reviewing and offering comments on the “Data-Collection-Analysis-and-Use Trainer Guide,” one of the ROMA Next Generation modules. The committee discussed the training needs of network, including training for all staff in community action agencies as well as board members.  The training committee will review the instructions for modules 2-4 and discuss what training will be required following release of the instructions.  The committee will meet again in mid-December.


Guidance Subcommittee

The Guidance Subcommittee of the DATA TF met November 11, 2017. The subcommittee is made up of task force members from local agencies, state associations, state offices and national partners. The group is excited to get started on developing tools for the network to use related to the new Annual Report. Prior to the meeting, the committee reviewed the new WIOA/Head Start/LIHEAP/WAP cross walk and provided feedback on the call. The committee discussed needed tools such as an FAQ about community level work, defining an unduplicated count, and tools on standard documentation for NPIs. The committee plans to meet again in January.