A Tribute to Cal Steiner

Bob Scott –Energy Services Director, NASCSP–

NASCSP salutes Cal Steiner, long-time WAP professional extraordinaire. After a 30+ year career, Cal has officially resigned his position as North Dakota WAP Director. Cal has been a very familiar name and face for many years, both as a highly sought after trainer and as a network leader and spokesperson.

I think what made Cal so respected by his peers isn’t just the fact that he’s so passionate about the Weatherization Program, but that his undeniable expertise is so readily apparent. Cal’s perspective regarding program issues and his training are based on his extensive experience in grassroots WAP operations. There is nothing theoretical about it – his positions are based on personal involvement and thoughtful analysis of what he has experienced and learned.

Rather than take credit himself, Cal goes out of his way to give credit and recognition to WAP field staff, realizing (dare I say, preaching?) that the ultimate success of the Weatherization Program is due to their work. He always advocated for proper equipment, training, recognition, and compensation.

Cal – you will be missed and the WAP network won’t be quite the same, but you have certainly earned some R&R. Enjoy some time to do those things you had to put aside while working so diligently for WAP. I suspect and hope we might see you again assisting the Program and people you served so well for so many years.

Take care, my friend.