A Bargain at Any Price

Yes, no, maybe sign with yes checked.– By Timothy R. Warfield, Executive Director, NASCSP –

As many of us around the country are digging out of a deep freeze, things are heating up on Capitol Hill. The big news is that Congress is actually working on a budget! Even more shocking, there’s a real possibility of some bipartisan agreement. CSBG reauthorization discussions may begin this year as well. Huh?! Perhaps someplace that’s usually very hot is indeed freezing over.

With so much going on legislatively and programmatically, you need to stay sharp and make the most of the opportunities. NASCSP’s got you covered. We’re hosting a killer lineup of webinars this season to bring you up-to-the minute information; all expertly summarized, analyzed, and tailored to your needs.

Our first session is all about the latest legislative budget decisions: where things stand, how they got that way, and how you can advocate for what you need. It’s a bargain at any price, but we’re offering this hot-off-the press last-minute addition to our lineup at a special discounted price of $35.

Upcoming session topics include how to get the most return on your data investment, how to make carbon trading work for you, mastering the new opportunities of the Affordable Care Act, and our ever-popular Congress 101. Check out the details and register today.

By the way, have you ever wondered why we have to charge for these webinars? Quite simply, as we ramp up our offerings, we need to offset the costs. Researching and preparing high-quality content takes considerable resources. Also, your investment in these webinars supports our advocacy with Congress on behalf of all the invitees. Effective advocacy takes time and perseverance, and we’re certain that our efforts will prove more than worthwhile.