Week 1 Mini #BeCommunityAction Toolkit

Hello! It’s the first week of Community Action Month!

In addition to the great resources available from the Partnership, NASCSP and NCAF, we’ve collaborated to build mini-toolkits to help you get started with original content each week! We’ve provided sample Tweets and Facebook posts below, as well as some images for you to use. (You can print  a hard copy here!) Some of these are ready to go – just cut, paste, and post! Others we’ve built to provide a framework that’s just waiting for your data and customized information. Let’s really highlight what it means to #BeCommunityAction!



POST and GO: Twitter


The Promise of #CommunityAction is we make America a better place to live. Celebrate with us all month long #BeCommunityAction

We understand the reality of the #WarOnPoverty and we are inspired and determined to conquer poverty #BeCommunityAction

State, local, national, & federal partners collaborate together to provide comprehensive support for low-income ppl #BeCommunityAction

#CommunityAction believes low income people know best what their community needs #BeCommunityAction #MaximumFeasibleParticipation

We are committed to continued learning and innovation to make our anti-poverty movement stronger #BeCommunityAction #LearningCommunity

#CommunityAction prioritizes results and outcomes for continuous improvement #ROMA #OrgStandards #BeCommunityAction

#CommunityAction utilizes local control to meet the specific needs of their community as part of a larger movement to fight #poverty #CSBG

Families & people gain access to services & skills needed to increase stability & self-sufficiency #BeCommunityAction [insert graphic below, or add your own data!]CAAinfographic_employment supports

#CommunityAction works to address needs like healthcare, housing, transportation, & nutrition so that all Americans can become more secure [insert graphic above, or add your own data!]

#CommunityAction works to create or preserve opportunities & resources available in their communities #BeCommunityAction [insert graphic below or add your own data!] 
resources_preseved or increased


By funding local initiatives, #CSBG ties together ppl, fams, &  neighborhoods  to help serve all members of community #becommunityaction [insert graphic ->, provided by NCAF] NCAF image bill

POST and GO: Facebook

The CSBG Network boasts over a 1,000 #CommunityAction agencies around the nation dedicated to giving individuals and families the tools they need to succeed in this economy through supportive, innovative, and localized programs that help restore the link between hard work, opportunity, and self-sufficiency. These programs have and continue to assist vulnerable populations like seniors, veterans, people living with disabilities, families living in inter-generational and long-term poverty, families in distressed neighborhoods with poor quality housing and at-risk environmental conditions, and individuals with limited English as they strive to climb ladders of opportunity in the growing economy. This Network touches the lives of over 15 million individuals, many of whom live below 50% of the FPG #BeCommunityAction http://bit.ly/1QPJw83 percetnFPG


*remember, you have 140 characters – counting spaces!

Over ____ volunteers helped enable #communityaction to help build a vibrant thriving community #becommunityaction [customize – statewide, nationwide, agency-wide volunteer numbers]

Energy burden is a huge drain on paychecks! [agency] enabled [____] people to reduce their energy bills [if known, add {by ___%}] #Communityaction

[agency] provided supports & services that enabled [____] people to gain access to safe, healthy, & affordable housing #BeCommunityAction

[agency] provides supports & services that enabled [____] children to enroll in safe, qualified childcare [time period – IE. In last 6 months, over the last year etc.] #BeCommunityAction

[agency] works w/ parents to ensure they & their fams enroll in the best healthcare for their needs #ACA #becommunityaction

[@YOUR_REPRESENTATIVE], #HR1655 can help our agency serve [YOUR COUNTY/ AREA] more effectively. http://bit.ly/1EBH7HE #BeCommunityAction [insert graphic on above, provided by NCAF]

#HR1655 emphasizes outcomes, innovation, & accountability [@YOUR_REPRESENTATIVE]! #BeCommunityAction


[CSBG programs]/[#CommunityAction Agencies]/[CAAs]/[Agency name] break down barriers to support low-income families and individuals when they need it the most [Example]. (total post, around 100-150 words)

#CommunityAction works to address fundamental issues such as healthcare, housing, transportation, and nutrition so that all Americans can become more financially secure. [Example]. (total post, around 100-150 words)

#CommunityAction means that local agencies, states, national, and federal partners collaborate to provide support for low-income [individuals]/[families]/[communities]. For example, during this [Crisis/Event/Recession], the network responded to the needs of their community and [example of innovative program/ new services] to the following communities…which resulted in [outcome/change] (total post, around 100-150 words)

We are committed to continued learning and innovation to make our anti-poverty movement stronger! Our [agency/state office] recognized the need to respond to [______] in our community and took action! We [built/piloted/expanded] a [program/service] that (explain in abt 25-40 words). As a result [outcome/change] #BeCommunityAction #LearningCommunity (total post, around 100-150 words)


Created by Rae Tamblyn (NASCSP), Natalie Kramer (Community Action Partnership), and Amy Kalmbach (NCAF), in collaboration.