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Out of the Office & Into the Field: Weatherization Site Visit

September 29, 2017

By: Eric Behna, Program & Policy Analyst, NASCSP Weatherization Day is fast approaching on October 30th! Hopefully you have gotten a chance to view NASCSP’s Weatherization Day toolkit.


The Passion of a Weatherization Practitioner

October 30, 2016

By: Ray Judy, NASCSP Energy Services Director Every once in a while there is an event or set of circumstances that causes you to pause and look at seemingly normal or routine things in a different


WAP in Your Own Words

October 28, 2016

The year 2016 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Additionally, October is Energy Action Month and October 30th is National Weatherization Day. Over the course


Guest Blog: Weatherization at work in Colorado - Client Testimonial

October 22, 2015

[caption id="attachment_2683" align="alignright" width="170"] “When I first asked for help from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, my public service bill was way outrageous. It was more than $300 per month. After weatherization, it went down to about $60. It’s a huge relief. " - Tina Thalley[/caption] Living with a disability is not easy – it’s hard on household maintenance and on

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Community Action Agencies Collaborate with Clients and Community to Respond to Affordable Housing Crisis

July 31, 2015

-- by Quinton Young, Program Assistant --   The affordable housing crisis facing the nation is rapidly spiraling out of control. Given the large income disparities facing families and individuals across the country, more and more people are facing skyrocketing housing prices and a stagnant wage. Affordable housing plays a large role in the ability of low-income families to move towards a

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