Mini Weatherization Toolkit, Week 1

Welcome to the first week of Weatherization Month 2015! We’re excited to bring you the first of the mini Weatherization Month toolkits to start the online buzz around the WAP and set the stage for #WXDayOct30!

We hope that you are as excited as we are to embark on this celebration of a program that has been proven to have great effects in communities around the nation.  Between the results of the National Evaluations, our national WAP data, and your state and local level outcomes, we have some amazing stats to showcase the success of the program and improve public knowledge of the benefits of Weatherization!

We’ve built some social media posts for you – some of them are simply “post and go,” while others allow you to fill in the blanks with your own data for a customized post. Of course, you can add your own, modify, and generally go wild! There is no such thing as too many positive posts!

Feel free to use and follow the hashtags #Weatherization, #WAPworks, #energyactionmonth and #energyawarenessmonth in addition to #WXDayOct30

New to social media or need a refresher before you get started? Don’t worry – check out the Social Media Guide on WAPTAC!


Post and Go: Twitter

*Remember, you have 140 characters – counting spaces!

  • #Weatherization benefits family health as much as it saves #energy #WXDayOct30
  • #Weatherization was launched in 1976 to save imported oil & reduce heating bills #Weatherization #WXDayOct30
  • More than 7 million homes have been weatherized, creating #healthyhomes & lowering #energyburden #WXDayOct30
  • Common #weatherization measures include: air sealing, wall & attic insulation, duct sealing, & furnace repair/replacement #WXDayOct3
  • WAP funds supported the #Weatherization of over 141,125 units in Program Year 2014 alone #WXDayOct30
  • WAP + leveraged expenditures directly & indirectly supported 8,500 jobs & increased national economic output by $1.2 billion #WXDayOct30
  • Learn more about #weatherization and what it can do for your community! Need an example? #MurrayCity #WXDayOct30

Post and Go: Facebook

The Department of Energy conducted a National Evaluation of the #Weatherization Assistance Program and their results are amazing! The program-wide energy savings totaled $340 million in 2008, and the added health and social value of the WAP pushes the benefits above and beyond the strong financial savings to low-income households. For example, customers get a better night’s sleep in Weatherized homes! Check out the press release from the DOE, and read the full reports.WAPFactSheet_EERE


  • Over ____ homes were weatherized in ____ by (@agency) #WAPworks #Weatherization #WXdayOct30
  • #weatherization work by (@agency) saved low-income households $____ on average #WAPworks #Weatherization #WXdayOct30
  • #weatherization work by (@agency) created ___ jobs in [year] #WAPworks #Weatherization #WXdayOct30
  • (@agency) is proud to work with [community partners or local utility companies] to increase the #energyefficiency & #healthandsafety of our community #Weatherization #WXdayOct30
  • (@agency) leveraged $___ in additional funding to maximize their ability to provide #weatherization & increase #energyefficiency for local households


By working to help low income people, the WAP programs make a lasting improvement on the lives of families. [Example of a client testimonial (3-5 sentences), or agency-wide data and outcomes]. (total post, around 100-150 words) #WXDayOct30 #Weatherization

Brought to you by Rae Tamblyn and Quinton Young, NASCSP