Happy Birthday WAP and Mark Your Calendar for Weatherization Day Oct. 30!

**Update-9/13/17: Full 2017 Weatherization Day Toolkit Available HERE. Slides and recording from webinar HERE**

This Monday WAP celebrates its 41st birthday! On August 14, 1976 the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) was signed into law by President Gerald Ford as part of the Energy Conservation and Production Act. WAP would eventually find its home within the U.S. Department of Energy, which was formally created the following year under President Jimmy Carter on August 4, 1977. The year 2016 marked the 40th year of WAP while earlier this month marked the 40th birthday of DOE! Learn more about WAP history here, here, and here.

To recognize and highlight the impact of WAP, mark your calendar for October 30, 2017National Weatherization Day. Historically this day is used to shine a light on the program across the country. This is done through events, news articles, governor’s proclamations, site demonstrations, social media, and more. You can browse past events and actions here.

NASCSP will be releasing a full Weatherization Day toolkit in early September which will be rolled out in a joint webinar with the Community Action Partnership and the National Community Action Foundation. See the calendar below that lays out the communications themes for the weeks leading up to Weatherization Day. Additionally, you can find an updated planning kit and site demonstration kit to help you plan for governor’s proclamations, press releases, site demos, and more!

Planning Kit- This document will give you instructions and templates to write a press release or Op-Ed to commemorate Weatherization Day. There are also sample governor/mayor’s proclamations- these take time, get started now! View kit here.

Site Demo Kit- This document will show you step by step how to set up a Weatherization site demonstration. This includes sample agendas, tips for engaging members of Congress and other leaders, etc. Begin planning as soon as possible! View kit here.

Communications Calendar & HashtagsWAP Day Calendar


HashtagsWeek 1- Energy Benefits & Energy Efficiency- Social media posts/ toolkit resources will focus on the energy benefits of WAP and the benefits of energy efficiency in general. This is the bread and butter of the program. Think family savings, reduced use, lower bills, What energy savings measures are installed? (e.g. insulation, air sealing, etc.). *Note*- October 5th is Energy Efficiency Day and will be celebrated by the entire energy efficiency community.

Week 2- Jobs, Training, & Partnerships- Social media posts/ toolkit resources will focus on jobs supported by WAP, workforce development/training of the WAP workforce, and partnerships with utility companies/other sources of leveraged funds that maximize impact. This is a time to feature WAP professionals, small businesses that participate in WAP, WAP training centers, etc.

Week 3- Health & Safety Benefits- Social media posts/ toolkit resources will focus on the Health and Safety benefits of WAP e.g. reduced asthma, less mold, less allergies, fewer days missed of work/school, less out of pocket medical costs. Also highlight Weatherization Plus Health initiatives.

Week 4- Client Success Stories- This week will center around clients of WAP services who have been positively impacted by the program. WAP can be life changing- highlight these client stories and put a face to the program! Goal for a story from all 50 states to be shared this week. Post your stories on your own social media AND submit to NASCSP here.

Questions? Contact Eric Behna at ebehna@nascsp.org