ROMA Next Generation

What is ROMA Next Generation?

  • ROMA Next Generation (NG) is a system for continuous quality improvement to enable the network to measure, analyze and communicate performance.
  • ROMA NG will help Community Action at local, state and national levels shift to a culture of continuous learning rather than a compliance and reporting culture.
  • Ultimately, ROMA NG will help the CSBG Network generate robust results for individuals with low-incomes and the communities served.


Why ROMA Next Generation and Why Now?

  • ROMA Next Generation (NG) will improve results for individuals and families with low incomes and communities

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  • A complete package of Local, State, and Federal Accountability
    • ROMA NG allows for progress on data modernization, infrastructure, and capacity for analysis
    • Positions CSBG and Community Action as model of national performance management






ROMA NG Workgroup

A ROMA NG Workgroup was convened in August 2015 to inform,advise, and assist in the elements of ROMA Next Generation. This workgroup included representatives from community action agencies, state agencies, state associations , and national partner organizations across the nation. Some of the ROMA NG workgroup members are pictured below.

Members of the ROMA Next Generation Workgroup.

Pictured above are some of the members of the ROMA Next Generation Workgroup:

From Left to Right: Jenae Bjelland, Executive Director, National Association for State Community Services, Bill Brand, CSBG Administrator, Iowa Department of Human Rights, Jeannie Chaffin, Director, Office of Community Services, U.S. DHHS, Jim Masters, President, Center for Community Futures, Denise Harlow, CEO, Community Action Partnership, Meg Power, Senior Advisor, National Community Action Foundation, Eleanor Evans, Executive Director and General Counsel, Community Action Program Legal Services, Barbara Mooney, Director, Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers, Seth Hassett, Director, Division of State Assistance, U.S. DHHS, Office of Community Services, Kate Blunt, Consultant, Federal Consulting Group.